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Midnite (Character)
from Constantine (2005)

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Constantine (2005)
Midnite: You know the rules of my house. While here you *will* abide by them.

Midnite: [laughing, to John, regarding Chas] Take him, John. Kill him after.

Midnite: [to John] I thought I heard thunder last night. Must have been Satan's stomach growling.

Midnite: Tell me this isn't about the girl?
John Constantine: Definitely, mostly not about the girl.

Midnite: [holding the lamp containing the glowing filament of the smashed bulb] Sure about this?
John Constantine: No.
[Midnite electrocutes him, John screams]

John Constantine: [as Midnight holds him up against a wall] Is this neutral? Bullshit! You're the only one still playing by the rules, Midnite, and while you've been imitating Switzerland people are dying. Hennessy, Beeman, they were your friends once, too, remember?
[Midnite burns him, he screams]
John Constantine: I need your help! Consider it a last request.
Midnite: You play a dangerous game.
John Constantine: [Midnite releases him, he slumps to the ground] Two hundred dollar shirt, by the way.

John Constantine: A demon just attacked me right out in the open on Figueroa.
Midnite: They don't like you, John. How many have you deported back to hell?
John Constantine: Not some angry half-breed, Midnite. A full fledged demon, here on our plane.
Midnite: Clearly, I do not have to remind you that is impossible.
John Constantine: And yesterday, I saw a soldier demon tryin' to chew its way out through a little girl.
Midnite: Listen, John. Demons stay in hell, angels in heaven. The great détente of the original superpowers.

Midnite: [about Mammon] That little shit has been trying to crawl out of his father's shadow for eons. I'd hate to think what he would do this world if he ever broke through.

[preparing to use the electric chair]
Midnite: How many years since you've surfed?
John Constantine: Like riding a bike.
Midnite: No, not really.