Edie Athens
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Edie Athens (Character)
from Be Cool (2005)

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Be Cool (2005)
Edie Athens: Hey, look. Steven Tyler's in town.
Chili Palmer: Yeah.
Edie Athens: Aerosmith playing at the Staples Center. Tell me Dream On is not the greatest rock and roll song you have ever heard.
Chili Palmer: You know what we oughta do? We oughta call him.
Edie Athens: Call who?
Chili Palmer: Steven.
Edie Athens: Why?
Chili Palmer: So he could listen to Linda's music, he could see for him self that it's terrific, and maybe he'll help us launch her career at his concert.
Edie Athens: That's a great idea, Chill.
Chili Palmer: Yeah.
Edie Athens: Hey, and maybe Bono and Sting will come down and we could all cut a Christmas album.
Chili Palmer: You know him, don't you?
Edie Athens: Know him? Steven Tyler? Chili, I know his socks.
Chili Palmer: Edie, you have a tattoo of Aerosmith on your ass. You can't get a meeting with him? We want Steven Tyler, we'll get Steven Tyler.

Edie Athens: [Upon calling Linda] Hey Linda...
Raji: Do I sound like Linda, biatch?
Edie Athens: Yo, Vanilla Ice, just put her on the damn phone...!
Raji: Miss Moon is about way to go on stage right now. Wanna talk to her, it is best to wait after the show. BIAIAAATCH!