Elliot Wilhelm
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Elliot Wilhelm (Character)
from Be Cool (2005)

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Be Cool (2005)
[from trailer]
[trying on clothes]
Elliot Wilhelm: Whoo! Scorchin'!
[smacks his butt and looks at the manager]
Elliot Wilhelm: Like that?

Raji: Why're you tripping on me, Elliot? Are you still crying over that Chili Palmer shit?
Elliot Wilhelm: No. He just said... he said he was gonna to call me, that's all.
Raji: And did he call you back? He's just messing your head, man! Ain't no Samoan faggot going by the name of Elliot Wilhelm is gonna make it to the big screen! Raising a goddamn eyebrow. I understand shit like this cause I ain't a homo. Once you turn faggot, you lose all the self respect. You're not wired right!
[Elliot suddenly brakes the car hard]
Raji: Man, what the hell you stopping the car for? What are you doing? Get your ass back in the car!
Elliot Wilhelm: I'm going to kick your ass!
Raji: Steering wheel's in the front of the car, fool! What's up, what?
Elliot Wilhelm: You say it again and I quit!

Elliot Wilhelm: When are you going to call me?
Chili Palmer: When your phone rings.

Elliot Wilhelm: [singing] Baby you ain't woman enough to take my man!