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Quotes for
Yelena (Character)
from xXx (2002)

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xXx (2002)
Xander Cage: I wish I had a video camera.
Yelena: What are you talking about?
Xander Cage: 'Cause this is gonna be one hell of a trick.

Yelena: I've been undercover here for two years.
Xander Cage: Two years? What was your plan? To let them die of old age?

[after kissing Xander Cage]
Yelena: Did you enjoy that?
Xander Cage: Yes.
Yelena: Good, because it will never happen again.

Yelena: Xander? Remember what I told you before, when you kissed me?
Xander Cage: Never again?
Yelena: I lied.

Yelena: I'm an agent too. I've been undercover for two years.
Xander Cage: Two years? What was your plan? Have them die of old age?

Yelena: Do you know what a wire transfer is?
Xander Cage: Is she for real. Sweetheart is there anything else you need to do, let us big boys have a conversation.
Yelena: Conversation. A word with four syllables. Do you want some ice before your brain overheats.
Xander Cage: Ice. Yeah, you could chisel some off your heart, if you could find it.

Yelena: [photographing Yorgi's safe] You're not supposed to be in here.
Xander Cage: I was on the way to the bathroom. What's your excuse?
Yelena: [pulls a gun on him] I don't need an excuse.
Xander Cage: [grabs her arm with the gun and she pulls out a second gun] You're good.
[gets her other arm, making her defenseless]
Xander Cage: But not that good.

Yelena: I want immunity from prosecution, asylum in the U.S., and citizenship.
Xander Cage: How bout a condo in South Beach and a rich boyfriend?
Yelena: Those I can get for myself.