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Ms. Morris (Character)
from "Daria" (1997)

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"Daria: See Jane Run (#2.11)" (1998)
Jane: Am I missing something?
Ms. Morris: The team needs you, and you need the team... IF you don't want to be here taking math again this summer.
Jane: Gee, that almost sounds like blackmail. Fortunately, I can pull up my math grade on my own.
Ms. Morris: Then I'll flunk you.
Jane: Why don't I go to Ms. Li and expose this grade-changing arrangement?
Ms. Morris: She already knows.
Jane: Okay, then, back off or I'll tell the P.T.A.
Ms. Morris: They know, too.
Jane: Congress?
Ms. Morris: You're beaten, Lane.
Jane: How about if I call the three local TV stations and tell each one that the other two are running the story?
Ms. Morris: Damn.

Ms. Morris: Ladies. Why aren't you exercising with the rest of the class?
Jane Lane: We are exercising.
Daria Morgendorffer: We're exercising our right to abstain from cheerleader practice.
Ms. Morris: That's not cheerleading, it's agility. Jane Lane, you're just like your sisters, aren't you?
Jane Lane: We share certain chromosome pairs. Beyond that, I'm not supposed to say.
Ms. Morris: You know what I mean. Can't be part of a group. Always have to be different. Your sister Penny never wanted to participate, either. I taught her a thing or two about the American competitive spirit.
Jane Lane: You sure did. That's why she's spent the last ten years out of the country.