Stewart Stevenson
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Stewart Stevenson (Character)
from "Beavis and Butt-Head" (1993)

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"Beavis and Butt-Head: Prank Call (#6.13)" (1996)
Mrs. Stevenson: Care for some cookies, Stewart?
Stewart Stevenson: All right! Thanks, Mom!
[Harry Sachz breaks the door open]
Mrs. Stevenson: Ooohh!
Stewart Stevenson: [screams]
Harry Sachz: You little worm! Was it you? Was it?
Stewart Stevenson: Uh, I didn't do anything!
[Harry Sachz prepares to hit Stewart, Stewart screams]
Mr. Stevenson: Damn it. What's all the noise in here? I'm on the pho -
[notices Harry Sachz]
Mr. Stevenson: Oh, my God!
Harry Sachz: It was YOU, wasn't it? I'll kill you!
Mr. Stevenson: Damn it! Operator! Aah! No!
[Harry Sachz grabs him by the legs and drags him into the bathroom]
Mr. Stevenson: Hey, this is between you and Stewart! Get him! Please!
Harry Sachz: [shoves Mr. Stevenson head first into the toilet, flushes it] You like the way that sounds, funny man? Huh?
Mr. Stevenson: No! You must mean Stewart!
Harry Sachz: Listen very carefully, funny man! If you ever, EVER, call me again; I swear, I'll find you wherever you are, and I'll gut you! But just to make sure that you don't call me, I'm gonna stick your phone where you'll have an awful hard time dialing it!
[picks up the phone and lifts the back of Mr. Stevenson's pants]
Mr. Stevenson: No, please, no!
[screams in pain]

"Beavis and Butt-Head: Kidnapped (#3.4)" (1993)
Stewart Stevenson: [watching Family Matters on Butt-Head's couch] Ha-ha-ha. C'mon over guys.
Butt-head: This sucks. I can't take it anymore.
Beavis: Yeah. Let's call his mom.
Butt-head: I already called ,like,
[holds up five fingers]
Butt-head: this many times.
Beavis: Maybe his parents don't want him back.
Butt-head: [looks over at Stewart] Would you?

"Beavis and Butt-Head: Beavis and Butt-Head Do Christmas (#6.7)" (1995)
Butt-head: Hey Beavis, let's get out of here...
Stewart: Hey, no cutters buddy.
Butt-head: Shut up Stewart, come on Beavis, let's go.
Beavis: Uuuuummm, have we met before, sir?
Butt-head: It's me, you bunghole!
Beavis: Uuuummm, what's a bunghole?
Butt-head: You're a bunghole, bunghole!
Stewart: Hey, Cro magnon, you can't use a word to define one self.
Beavis: Yeah, Cro magnon.
Butt-head: I could TOO, bunghole, come on Beavis, let's go...
Beavis: Hey, let go pervert, we still have to give out Gingerbread Men.
Butt-head: Cut the crap Beavis, you still owe me a Dollar!
Beavis: Help, Help, who are you!?!