Sandi Griffin
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Sandi Griffin (Character)
from "Daria" (1997)

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"Daria: Quinn the Brain (#2.3)" (1998)
Quinn: Yeah, I might do writing for a career. It's not like real work or anything.
Sandi: Really. I mean, how hard it is to type stuff?
Quinn: And there are lots of opportunities. Like, did you know they pay money for those poems in greeting cards?
Stacy Rowe: Oh no! I've been giving away my poems for free!
Daria: [Daria puts her head in her locker] Do me a favor.
Jane: Yeah?
Daria: Close my locker.

Sandi: You're officially ordered to take a fashion sabbatical until you get your priorities straight.

Sandi Griffin: I'm concerned about Quinn; We need someone close to her to make her see the error of her ways.
Tiffany Blum-Deckler: But who?
Sandi Griffin: I have a plan, We'll talk to that girl she knows.
Stacy Rowe: You're so smart, Sandi.
Sandi Griffin: And you'll notice I don't make like a big thing about it.
Tiffany Blum-Deckler: But that girl is so weird. She freaks me out.
Sandi Griffin: That's why I'm the president of the Fashion Club. I'll handle her.
[Walks up to Daria and stares at her]
Sandi Griffin: Uh... uh-umm... er...
[walks away]
Sandi Griffin: .

"Daria: The Old and the Beautiful (#3.3)" (1999)
Sandi Griffin: They may be poor, but that doesn't mean they should be unfashionable.
Stacy Rowe: Right.
Tiffany Blum-Deckler: Totally.
Daria: They may be shallow, but that doesn't mean they should be executed.
Jane: Yes it does.
Daria: Very well, I'm sold.

"Daria: Art Burn (#5.7)" (2001)
Helen: [On the phone] Sandi, is Quinn all right?
Sandi Griffin: Actually, none of us are all right, given how we were cruelly maligned by that so-called "artist."
Helen: Sandi, I already explained to Quinn that a lawsuit is out of the question.
Sandi Griffin: Yes, so she told me. But, Quinn is a simple, uncomplicated girl and perhaps didn't consider other legal avenues we could explore to address our problem.
Helen: I'm really terribly busy.
Sandi Griffin: You see, given that this person is hardly an artist and therefore falsely represented himself, I thought we might take steps to have him disbarred.
Helen: Sandi, disbarring only applies to lawyers.
Sandi Griffin: Exactly, and you're a lawyer. So, you can do it, voila.

Daria in 'Is It Fall Yet?' (2000) (TV)
Ms. Li: [over the school intercom] Welcome back students. And remember, the school nurse is in and ready to take your voluntary urine samples. Show your Lawndale High spirit with the gift of urine.
Sandi Griffin, Quinn Morgendorffer, Tiffany Blum-Deckler, Stacy Rowe: Ewwww!

"Daria: Jake of Hearts (#3.9)" (1999)
Sandi: Tiffany, dear, would you please explain to this Spatula man why a bumper-sticker cannot possibly compensate for the shame and permanent reputation damage involved in a single date with Charles Ruttheimer?
Tiffany: Upchuck? Eewww.
Sandi: Well done.

"Daria: I Loathe a Parade (#4.6)" (2000)
Tad Gupty: You're a mean, old witch!
Sandi Griffin: I am not old!

"Daria: Life in the Past Lane (#5.9)" (2001)
Sandi Griffin: Is that Stacy with Upchuck?
Quinn Morgendorffer: No Way... It must be that girl that looks like Stacy until she turns around.
Tiffany Blum-Deckler: Or that girl that looks like that girl...

"Daria: Daria! (#3.1)" (1999)
Sandi Griffin: Running for your life is so geeky.

"Daria: Road Worrier (#1.11)" (1997)
Tiffany Blum-Deckler: Ugh, stretch pants. Everywhere, stretch pants.
Stacy Rowe: Hey, these are stretch pants! I'm wearing stretch pants!
[Begins hyperventilating]
Sandi Griffin: They're leggings! They're leggings!
[Stacy calms down]
Sandi Griffin: It's all right.

"Daria: Fat Like Me (#5.3)" (2001)
Quinn Morgendorffer: I'm going to make you fit to go out in public again.
Sandi Griffin: What?
Quinn Morgendorffer: Now that your cast is off, I'm here to help you lose weight.
Sandi Griffin: Oh, Quinn, can't you see that it's too late? My life is over.
Quinn Morgendorffer: Sandi, you're not 30. Now let's get started.
[Quinn puts an aerobics tape into Sandi's VCR]
Aerobics Instructor: [on tape] I know it's hard to believe, but I once weighed over a hundred pounds.

"Daria: Lucky Strike (#5.6)" (2001)
[Quinn reveals the actual connection between herself and Daria]
Quinn Morgendorffer: Besides, why *shouldn't* I act sisterly towards her? After all... she's my sister.
Sandi Griffin: [gasps] Did you hear that? Oh, my gosh! Quinn just admitted that weird girl is her sister!
Stacy: Well, um, of *course* she is, Sandi! We knew that.
Tiffany Blum-Deckler: We were just being polite about it.

"Daria: The Daria Hunter (#2.2)" (1998)
Sandi Griffin: No matter what happens we won't shoot at each other and mess up our outfits.
[holds up fashion magazine and swears on it]
Sandi Griffin: If I fire at a fellow fashion club member, may I wear brown pants with an elastic waste for a whole week.
Quinn: If I fire, I'll wear toe-pantyhoses. The shiny kind.
Stacy Rowe: Stonewashed jeans!
Tiffany Blum-Deckler: Glasses.

"Daria: Just Add Water (#3.12)" (1999)
Sandi: Help. Whoa, I'm drowning.
Daria: Stay there. I'll be right back.