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Quotes for
Ralph Roach (Character)
from Joe's Apartment (1996)

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Joe's Apartment (1996)
Ralph Roach: We know where you live. We LIVE where you live!

Rodney Roach: Well, you know, we've gotta get Lily back, too.
Ralph Roach: Forget that. I'm a cockroach, not Santy Claus.

Ralph Roach: Talk? We can sing!
Roaches: Garbage, garbage, garbage, garbage, garbage! / The garbage in the moonlight gives off a lovely smell - lovely smell / Sipping sewage with my baby in our little roach motel - please don't tell / zum zum zuma zum zum zum / doot de doot doot doot de doo doot de doot doot doot de doo doot de doot doot doot de doo doot de doot doot doodly doo / Take an ocean trip on our garbage ship with the cockroach I adore / We'll take a taste of the medical waste that washes up on shore / Oh sweetheart say you love me and crawl underneath my rug / You're one in a thousand billion baby - oh won't you be / My Bug! - won't you be my bug? / Please be my bug.

Rodney Roach: Ralphie! I'm surprised at you! Does this mean you're giving up?
Ralph Roach: Give up? Give up? What are you saying to me? How come us roaches have been able to outlast the dinosaurs? How do we survive poison and persecution? How do we keep on crawling, in the face of overwhelming odds? I'll tell you how: because WE NEVER GIVE UP! A true cockroach never gives up. They can stomp us, they can pop us, but they'll never ever stop us. Someday the great H-bomb is gonna drop, and we'll have the whole planet to ourselves. I don't care if we gotta call in favors from every roach, rat, and pigeon in New York City. WE AIN'T GIVING UP ON JOE!