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Quotes for
Una Flux (Character)
from Æon Flux (2005)

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Æon Flux (2005)
Una Flux: We have different ways of solving problems.
Æon Flux: Yes, You choose to ignore them.

Æon Flux: [in the market, from behind her] Shopping for me, Una?
Una Flux: [laughs and turns around] Haven't you heard? Special occasion! My sister's finally coming to dinner. Claudius and I are looking forward to tonight. For once you'll be in the house long enough to sit down.
Æon Flux: [walking around the market] That's why I wanted to meet with you here.
Una Flux: [slightly annoyed] Aeon?
Æon Flux: I may not make it tonight. I'm sorry.
[sees Una's face drop]
Æon Flux: Don't be upset.
Una Flux: It's not that you can't come to dinner. It's why!
Æon Flux: You know, I use to imagine you'd come with me.
Una Flux: We have different ways of solving problems.
Æon Flux: Yes. You ignore them.
Una Flux: How could I possible ignore them?
[looking around]
Una Flux: I see the problems. I feel them and I'm trying to make something good out of it... a life.
Æon Flux: [almost seething] What kind of life is it?
Una Flux: There are good things here.
Æon Flux: [smiling at Una] There's one.
Una Flux: [continues walking] So, I have a surprise for you tonight.
Æon Flux: [excited] Tell me!
Una Flux: Tonight. So be careful... come back.
[turns away]