Trevor Goodchild
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Trevor Goodchild (Character)
from Æon Flux (2005)

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Æon Flux (2005)
Æon Flux: I know I came here to kill you...
Trevor Goodchild: That's why you're in a cell.

Trevor Goodchild: This is a war, and people on all sides die.

Æon Flux: You cloned her...
Trevor Goodchild: I cloned everybody.

[Æon plans to destroy the Relico]
Trevor Goodchild: This isn't the answer, Æon! There's no guarantee I can find the cure again! Cloning is all we have!
Æon Flux: It's not enough! Our minds are unravelling and every time you bring us back it gets worse!
Trevor Goodchild: If you do this, we end!
Æon Flux: We're meant to die - that's what makes anything about us matter. Living like this is torture - we're just ghosts...
Trevor Goodchild: That's not how I feel - not now...

Trevor Goodchild: There was a complication when we cured the industrial disease. The vaccine had an unintended side effect: sterility. Only one more generation of our species could survive. It was a desperate time. Cloning had never been used on humans, successfully. Now when a person dies, their DNA is recycled. Oren and I built the Relico to store DNA and to conceal the cloning process. The Keeper finds a suitable couple and using food additives, we induce a chemical pregnancy. When a woman comes in for an exam, we implant a cloned embryo. From there things happen naturally. In nine months, a citizen who died is reborn. For seven generations, Oren and I have cloned ourselves, taught ourselves, so that I could keep trying to find a cure... while we all live on.
Æon Flux: That's what we are? Copies?
Trevor Goodchild: We're more than that! It wasn't supposed to be permanent - I've been trying to cure the infertility. Una was part of my test groups. Oren lied to me - he told me her test had failed, like the others. But she had become pregnant. He killed all my subjects, your sister included.
Æon Flux: He killed her because he was pregnant...
Trevor Goodchild: Una didn't know it, but her baby would have been one of the first new children in 400 years. Oren's changed - he doesn't want to go back, he doesn't want a cure...
Æon Flux: He wants to live forever.

[Æon, looking for an explanation, hands Trevor the photo she found in his lab. He takes it from her without a word and sets off]
Æon Flux: Trevor... the name you called me?
Trevor Goodchild: ...Catherine.
Æon Flux: That was my name...
Trevor Goodchild: You were my wife. We had a life together just like anybody else...
Æon Flux: [grabbing his hand] Wait! You need to tell me!
Trevor Goodchild: I lost you during the disease and you couldn't be brought back. I've lived and died seven times since then, and each time I taught myself about you. You were an idea I kept alive, something I had to imagine. But when I saw you, what I felt was real, and I knew you, I remembered you. What we had together has survived all that time...
Æon Flux: ...and I was looking for you.
Trevor Goodchild: ...and I've been waiting.
Æon Flux: We were different people.
Trevor Goodchild: We were.
Æon Flux: Those people are gone...
Trevor Goodchild: ...but something in them came back.

Trevor Goodchild: [walking outside] I'm getting worried about you, Oren. This edge you've taken. Displays like that aren't helpful to us.
Oren Goodchild: [shrugs] I believe in protecting what we've created. I own't apologize for that.
Trevor Goodchild: This was created to allow me to do my work. I can't do that if you can't control yourself. Understood?
Oren Goodchild: Yes, it is.
Trevor Goodchild: And what of the test results?
Oren Goodchild: [lying] All negative... sorry.
Trevor Goodchild: Find me a new test group by morning.
[starts to walk away]
Oren Goodchild: Maybe it's time to give up on the tests, Trevor. We're living the solution already. This is perfection. Why can't you just embrace it?
Trevor Goodchild: You see what's happening to people. You know how desperate this has become.
Oren Goodchild: It can be controlled. Contained.
Trevor Goodchild: I think your forgetting that this was all meant to be temporary.
Oren Goodchild: You've always said that, but why should it be?
Trevor Goodchild: Because it's wrong.
Oren Goodchild: Things change... but I know you won't.
Trevor Goodchild: [smiling] You know me.
Oren Goodchild: Been your brother a long time.
Oren Goodchild: You're right about that.

Trevor Goodchild: [to Aeon, in her cell] Catherine?
[she wakes up and take in the cell, before Trevor appears]
Trevor Goodchild: Aeon?
Æon Flux: You called me by another name earlier.
Trevor Goodchild: I did and you let me live.
Æon Flux: [provokingly] Give me my gun. We'll try it again.
Trevor Goodchild: [smirks] Maybe later.
Æon Flux: What was that name?
Trevor Goodchild: You know me, don't you?
Æon Flux: [raged] No!
Trevor Goodchild: Do you know who you are?
Æon Flux: I know I came here to kill you.
Trevor Goodchild: That's why you're in a cell. But we're both still alive for a reason.
[turns to walk away]
Trevor Goodchild: I don't know what this is... but it's good to see you.

Trevor Goodchild: [message to Aeon, with shocks] Aeon. I'm sorry for the pain. It's not safe to talk in the open. Nothing's as it seems... You had your chance, why did you hesitate?... You know where to find me.

Æon Flux: [in Trevor's quarters, coming from the shadows] Why am I here?
Trevor Goodchild: [turns to face her] I needed to see you again.
Æon Flux: [begins circling the room] You killed my sister!
Trevor Goodchild: I didn't know anything about it... I'm sorry.
Æon Flux: And the excuses you?
Trevor Goodchild: No. But this is a war. People on all sides die.
Æon Flux: She shouldn't have. She had nothing to do with this.
Trevor Goodchild: Everyone's involved in this.
Æon Flux: [furious] She wasn't.
[looks down at her gun]
Æon Flux: I don't need that to kill you.
Trevor Goodchild: [smiles] But it would be easier, wouldn't it?... Everything changed when I saw you... I know you and you know me.
Æon Flux: [grabs up her weapon, starts walking backwards] Why do I know you? Why?
Trevor Goodchild: [lowers her arm with his hands, advancing slowly] Why did you come back? What do you want from me?
Æon Flux: [grabs his jacket, forcing him to the wall] What do I want? I want my sister back! I want to remember what it feels like to be a person.
[begins kisses Trevor]
Trevor Goodchild: [breathless] Aeon.
Æon Flux: [shoves him away] Why do I feel this way around you?
[begins kissing him again]

Freya: [about Aeon] She escaped.
Trevor Goodchild: [amused, rubbing his neck] Why am I not surprised.
Freya: I found her in the library. I think I wounded her.
Trevor Goodchild: [standing] You attacked her?
Freya: She's a Monican agent, who tried to kill you. I assumed it was obvious what I should do.
Trevor Goodchild: Freya, I want her alive. Do you understand?
[walkign to the door]
Trevor Goodchild: Is Oren aware of this?
Freya: I can't find him.
Trevor Goodchild: Stay close.

"Æon Flux: Isthmus Crypticus (#3.2)" (1995)
Æon Flux: Nice wings, Trevor.
Trevor Goodchild: Go to Hell.
Æon Flux: Will you fly me there? You know, some people just aren't meant to be together.