Mr. Goodkat
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Mr. Goodkat (Character)
from Lucky Number Slevin (2006)

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Lucky Number Slevin (2006)
The Boss: That's all there is to it.
Slevin: Is that all there is to it?
Mr. Goodkat: Yup... That's all there is to it.

Mr. Goodkat: Charlie Chaplin once entered a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest in Monte Carlo and came in third; that's a story.

[last lines]
Henry: I want to go home.
Mr. Goodkat: Neither of us is going home for a long time, kid.
[Goodkat turns on the car radio]
Mr. Goodkat: My name is Goodkat. You can call me Mr. Goodkat.
[a song called 'Kansas City Shuffle' begins to play on the radio]

Nick: Fuck. Shit. Jesus.
Mr. Goodkat: 'Fuck, Shit, Jesus' is right.

Slevin: How did you find out about us?
Mr. Goodkat: I'm a world-class assassin, fuckhead. How do you think I found out?

Mr. Goodkat: [his first lines] There was a time.
Nick: [groggily looks at his watch] 4:35.
Mr. Goodkat: You misunderstood. I wasn't asking for the time, I was just saying... there was a time.
Nick: There was a time?
Mr. Goodkat: Mmm-hmm. Take Brown Sugar back there, for example. She's pretty fuckin' foxy, right?
[indicates old lady asleep in next row of seats]
Nick: [incredulous] She's 70.
Mr. Goodkat: If she's a day. But there was a time.

Mr. Goodkat: The reason I'm in town, in case you're wondering, is because of a Kansas City Shuffle.
Nick: What's a Kansas City Shuffle?
Mr. Goodkat: A Kansas City Shuffle is when everybody looks right, you go left.
Nick: Never heard of it.
Mr. Goodkat: It's not something people hear about. Falls on deaf ears mostly. This particular one has been over twenty years in the making.
Nick: Twenty years, huh?
Mr. Goodkat: No small matter. Requires a lot of planning. Involves a lot of people. People connected only by the slightest of events. Like whispers in the night, in that place that never forgets, even when those people do. It starts with a horse.

Mr. Goodkat: At least that's how it went with old Max, who wasn't so much old as he was tired, tired of being a dog without a day. Tired of waking up and finding his dreams were only dreams, but mostly, Max was tired of not having a front lawn.

Mr. Goodkat: I'm gonna kill somebody!