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Eisenheim (Character)
from The Illusionist (2006)

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The Illusionist (2006)
Eisenheim: Everything you have seen here has been an illusion.

Chief Inspector Uhl: Promise me you won't do it again.
Eisenheim: I promise you you'll enjoy this next show.

Eisenheim: I thought we might end this evening with a discussion of the soul. All of the greatest religions speak of the soul's endurance before the end of life. So what then does it mean to die?

Crown Prince Leopold: Well done.
Eisenheim: Thank you for coming. I hope you enjoyed it.
Crown Prince Leopold: Oh, we more than enjoyed it. Stimulated great debate among us, hasn't it? Except of course for your assistant Duchess Von Teschen. You seem to have struck her quite speechless. A feat in itself. Did you hypnotize her?
Eisenheim: In a fashion.
Crown Prince Leopold: I'd like to learn that trick. Rainer here seems to think you have supernatural powers. Do you claim supernatural powers?
Eisenheim: I've never said anything of that kind.
Crown Prince Leopold: Then you won't mind a question or two?
Sophie: Now let's not ruin it.
Crown Prince Leopold: You needn't divulge anything I can't guess.
Eisenheim: As you wish.
Crown Prince Leopold: Your assistants are behind the mirrors somewhere, in robes obviously. Lights in the frame perhaps to illuminate them, or angled mirrors.
Eisenheim: That would be one way to do it.
Crown Prince Leopold: I think I understand it all except the ghost. That was very, very good.
Josef Fischer: Another viewing, perhaps?
Crown Prince Leopold: You must come to the Hofburg next time. We'll make an evening of it.
Eisenheim: That would be my pleasure.
Crown Prince Leopold: So be it.
[motions to Sophie]
Crown Prince Leopold: Sophie?
[leaves with Sophie, then turns]
Crown Prince Leopold: And we'll gather our best minds next time. You'll really have a challenge then.
Eisenheim: Then I shall prepare something special. Perhaps I'll make you disappear.

Eisenheim: My intention has only been to entertain, nothing more.

Eisenheim: Do you know me?
Sophie: No.
Eisenheim: Are you quite certain that we've never met?
Sophie: Yes, of course.

Eisenheim: [Angrily] Are you completely corrupt?
Chief Inspector Uhl: No, not completely, which is why I'll advise you not to accuse anyone.

Eisenheim: Why don't you leave him?
Sophie: It's not that easy.

Chief Inspector Uhl: You don't know that.
Eisenheim: No. But you do.

Sophie: What did you do to him?
Eisenheim: I gave him what he asked for.
Sophie: What possessed you to do something so foolish?

Chief Inspector Uhl: Then why are you doing this?
Eisenheim: To be with her.

Eisenheim: I was meant to return... I just... I kept thinking I'll find around the next corner...
Sophie: What?
Eisenheim: A real mystery. I saw remarkable things but the only mystery I never solved was... why my heart couldn't let go of you.

Eisenheim: From the moment we enter this live we are in the flow of it. We measure it and We mock it, but we cannot defy it. We cannot even speed it up or slow it down. Or can we? Have we not each experienced the sensation that a beautiful moment seemed to pass to quickly, and wished that we could make it linger? Or felt time slow on a dull day, and wished that we could speed things up a bit?

Sophie: Then why did you speak to me? Why did you even bother talking...
Eisenheim: [goes forward and passionately kisses her]

[last lines]
[the illusionist's voice in the inspector's memory]
Eisenheim: Everything you've seen is an illusion, it's a trick.

Young Eisenheim: [When showing Young Sophie the locket he made for her] There's a secret way to open it.