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Melina (Character)
from Total Recall (1990)

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Total Recall (1990)
Vilos Cohaagen: [after Cohaagen's team kills Kuato] So this is the great man. Hmph. No wonder he kept out of sight. Well, my friend...
[puts his hands on Quaid's shoulders]
Vilos Cohaagen:'re a hero.
Douglas Quaid: Fuck you!
Vilos Cohaagen: Don't be modest. Kuato is dead. The resistance has been completely wiped out and you were the key to the whole thing.
Douglas Quaid: [to Melina] He's lying.
Melina: [to Quaid] You two-faced bastard!
Vilos Cohaagen: You can't blame him, princess.
[His finger grazes Melina's face]
Vilos Cohaagen: He's innocent. You see, Quaid, none of my people could get close to Kuato. Fuckin' mutants could always sniff us out. So Hauser and I sat down and invented you: the perfect mole.
Douglas Quaid: You know you're lying. Hauser turned against you.
Vilos Cohaagen: Uh-uh. That's what we wanted you to think. Fact is, Hauser volunteered to become "Doug Quaid." It was the only way to fool the psychics.
Douglas Quaid: Get your story straight.
[Points to Richter]
Douglas Quaid: This idiot has been trying to kill me ever since I went to Rekall. You don't kill someone you're trying to plant.
Vilos Cohaagen: He wasn't in on it. You set him off by going to Rekall.
Douglas Quaid: So, why I am still alive?
Vilos Cohaagen: We gave you lots of help.
[points to Benny]
Vilos Cohaagen: Benny here...
Benny: [to Quaid] My pleasure, man.
Vilos Cohaagen: The guy with the suitcase, the mask, the money, the message from Hauser. All of that was set up by us.
Douglas Quaid: Sorry. Too perfect.
Vilos Cohaagen: Perfect, my ass! You pop your memory cap before we can activate you. Richter goes hog-wild screwing up everything that I spent a year planning. Frankly... I'm amazed it worked!
Douglas Quaid: Well, Cohaagen. I've got to hand it to you. It's the best mind-fuck yet.

Melina: Hello, Hauser. Still bulging, I see.
[rubs his deltoid, then grabs his crotch]
Melina: What you been feeding this thing?
Douglas Quaid: Blondes.
Melina: I think it's still hungry.

Melina: Kuato's gonna make you remember some things you knew when you were Hauser.
Douglas Quaid: Like what?
Melina: All sorts of things, like maybe you'll remember that you loved me.
Douglas Quaid: I don't need Kuato for that.
Melina: Since when?

[last lines]
Melina: I can't believe it, it's like a dream. What's wrong?
Douglas Quaid: I just had a terrible thought... what if this is a dream?
Melina: Well, then, kiss me quick before you wake up!

Melina: That was your wife?
[Quaid nods]
Melina: What a bitch!

Vilos Cohaagen: [Cohaagen has Quaid strapped into a memory machine and is about to turn him back into Hauser] Relax, Quaid. You'll like being Hauser.
Douglas Quaid: The guy's a fucking asshole!
Vilos Cohaagen: Not true! He's one of my best friends. Besides, he's got a big house and a Mercedes and... you like Melina, right? Well, you get to fuck her every night. That's right, she's going to be Hauser's babe.
Melina: [also strapped into a memory machine] I'll bust his balls!
Vilos Cohaagen: Uh-uh, Princess. We're having you fixed. You're gonna be respectful, compliant, and appreciative... the way a woman should be.
[she spits in his face]

[the traitorous Benny shoots George/Kuato]
Benny: Congratulations, Quaid. You led us right to him.
Douglas Quaid: Benny? Why?
Melina: How can you do this? You're a mutant.
Benny: [shrugs] I got four kids to feed.
Douglas Quaid: So what happened to number five?
Benny: [beat] Aw, shit, man! You got me. I'm not even married. Now, shut up and put your fucking hands in the air!

Melina: [as she and Quaid enter her room, she slaps Quaid on the side of the face] You son of a bitch! You're alive? I thought that Cohaagen tortured you to death!
Douglas Quaid: I guess he didn't.
Melina: And you couldn't give me a message? You didn't know what happened to me?
[hugs Quaid]
Melina: Hauser, thank God you're alive.
[starts kissing him and Quaid shoves her away]
Douglas Quaid: Melina, listen. I have something to tell you... I don't remember you.
Melina: What?
Douglas Quaid: I don't remember you. I don't remember us. I don't even remember me.
Melina: Did you get amnesia? How did you get here?
Douglas Quaid: Hauser left me a note.
Melina: Hauser? You're Hauser.
Douglas Quaid: Not anymore. Now I'm Quaid. Douglas Quaid.
Melina: Come on, Hauser. Have you lost your mind?
Douglas Quaid: I didn't lose my mind. Cohaagen stole it. He somehow found out that Hauser switched sides, so he turned him into another person... me. So, he dumped me on Earth with a wife and a lousy job...
Melina: [interrupting] Did you say wife? Are you fuckin' married?
Douglas Quaid: She wasn't really my wife.
Melina: She wasn't really your wife? How stupid of me! She was Hauser's wife?
Douglas Quaid: Let's just forget about her.
Melina: No, let's forget about everything. I'm sick of you and your goddamn lies!

Total Recall (2012/I)
[first lines]
Melina: Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.

Doug Quaid: Oh, shit. Lori.
Melina: Who?
Doug Quaid: It's my wife.
Melina: You're married?
Doug Quaid: It's safe to say we're separated.

Melina: Hauser, we've been looking for you.
Doug Quaid: Don't call me... My name is Doug Quaid. I was born August 29th. All right. I was raised by my mother. She died of cancer before my 15th birthday. I married my girlfriend when I was 29!
Melina: You were born April 29th. You were raised by your father, not your mother. He died before you were 15, but in a car crash. And believe me, you were most definitely not married.