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Judy Danvers (Character)
from A History of Violence (2005)

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A History of Violence (2005)
[Bobby picks on Jack by saying he's an embarrassment to his father]
Bobby Jordan: So, your old man's some kind of tough guy, huh? What's he think of his wimp son? You think he'd take this shit? You think he'd make jokes? Go on, bitch. Say something funny.
Judy Danvers: Bobby, leave him alone.
Bobby Jordan: Shut up, skank.
Bobby Jordan: [Jack turns to face Bobby] Uh-oh. He's gettin' mad.
Judy Danvers: Jack, let's just get out of here, okay? Jack, he's an asshole. You know that. He doesn't mean shit. Let's just go. Let's just get out of here, okay?
Bobby Jordan: Yeah, puss. Run away. Goddamn, I bet your daddy would be real ashamed by you.
Bobby Jordan: [Jack gets in Bobby's face] Go ahead, bitch. Say something funny.
Bobby Jordan: [Bobby whispers in Jack's ear] Make me laugh.

[Jack and Judy talk about life when sitting outside together]
Judy Danvers: You ever wonder what kids did for fun on a Saturday 100 years ago?
Jack Stall: [Jack sighs] I don't know. I guess I always figured they got into their parents' wagon and went cruising up and down their main drag playing loud banjo music and acting like idiots.
Judy Danvers: [Judy laughs] So, you think this is as good as it gets?
Jack Stall: For us? Yeah. For now. Eventually, we - We grow up, we get jobs, we have affairs, and we become alcoholics.
Judy Danvers: You know, sometimes, you depress me.
Jack Stall: [Jack laughs] Hey, that's what I'm good at.