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Leland (Character)
from A History of Violence (2005)

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A History of Violence (2005)
[first lines]
William Orser: [Leland and Billy walk out of the motel room] So we keep headin' east?
Leland Jones: Yeah, that's the idea.
William Orser: Stay out of the big cities?
Leland Jones: Uh-huh.
William Orser: I think I'm tired.
Leland Jones: [Leland smiles] Yeah. Me, too.

[Leland and Billy prepare to murder everybody in Tom's diner]
Tom Stall: Sir, we don't - We don't carry much cash here. You gentlemen are certainly welcome to all of it.
Leland Jones: Oh, I know that, asshole. Believe me. I do know that!
Leland Jones: [Leland pulls out his gun as the girl in the corner of the diner screams] Shut up, bitch!
Leland Jones: [Leland holds his gun on Tom] Okay, Billy... Let's show this asshole we mean business.
William Orser: [Billy looks at Charlotte] What? Her?
Leland Jones: Yes, her. Do her!

[Leland takes inventory of how much water him and Billy have]
Leland Jones: How are we on water?
William Orser: Probably not enough.
Leland Jones: [Leland holds up the empty water jug] Yeah.

[Billy complains to Leland about the small towns]
William Orser: Can I just say how sick I am of these Podunk towns and the goddamn Podunks who live in 'em.
Leland Jones: Do you think if you keep saying that it's actually going to change anything?
William Orser: I am so sick of this shit!
Leland Jones: Yeah, you made that clear about 10,000 miles ago.

[Leland and Billy plan to rob a diner to replenish their funds]
William Orser: We're so goddamned broke.
Leland Jones: Yeah, well... that's an easy fix.

[Leland and Billy walk into the diner and start to threaten Tom]
Leland Jones: Coffee... Black.
William Orser: The same. I'll have some pie - Some of that lemon meringue pie.
Tom Stall: Guys, guys, I'm sorry. I'm - We're closed.
Leland Jones: I said...
Leland Jones: [Leland yells] Coffee!