Carl Fogarty
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Carl Fogarty (Character)
from A History of Violence (2005)

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A History of Violence (2005)
[Mr. Fogarty tells Edie that her husband's real name is Joey Cusack]
Edie Stall: My husband does not know you. He wouldn't know you, somebody like you.
Carl Fogarty: Oh, he knows Carl Fogarty, all right. He knows me intimately. See?
Carl Fogarty: [Mr. Fogarty points to his blind left eye] This isn't a completely dead eye. It still works a bit. The problem is, the only thing I can see with it is Joey Cusack. And it can see right through him. Right through your husband, Edie. I see what's inside him, what makes him tick. He's still the same guy.
Edie Stall: No.
Carl Fogarty: He's still crazy fuckin' Joey. And you know it, don't you?
Edie Stall: I know that my husband is Tom Stall. That's what I know.

[Mr. Fogarty holds his gun on Tom asking if he has any last words]
Carl Fogarty: You got anything to say before I blow your brains out, you miserable prick?
Tom Stall: I should've killed you back in Philly.
Carl Fogarty: [Mr. Fogarty smiles] Yeah, Joey. You should have.

[Tom tries to take advantage of Mr. Fogarty's good side after getting Jack back]
Carl Fogarty: You see how cozy it can be when you decide to play nice? Now, come on, Joey. Get in the car. You won't need your toothbrush. We'll take care of everything.
Tom Stall: I think it'd be better if you'd just leave now.
Carl Fogarty: [Mr. Fogarty stops] Joey.

[Mr. Fogarty calls Tom by the name of Joey in the diner]
Tom Stall: Who's Joey?
Carl Fogarty: You are.
Tom Stall: My name's Tom, sir.
Carl Fogarty: Of course it is.

[Mr. Fogarty threatens Tom to come with him back to Philadelphia]
Tom Stall: I told you, I have never been to Philadelphia.
Carl Fogarty: [Mr. Fogarty chuckles] You almost believe in your own crap, don't you? You know, you're trying so hard to be this other guy. It's painful to watch.

[Mr. Fogarty and his men have a conversation with Tom in the diner]
Tom Stall: We really are quite busy here today as you can see. So if you gentlemen aren't going to be eating, I really should offer your seats to paying customers.
Carl Fogarty: Hmm. Well...
Carl Fogarty: [Mr. Fogarty pulls out a $100 bill and lays it on the table] Now we're paying customers.
Tom Stall: [Tom picks up the bill] I can't take this.
Carl Fogarty: It shouldn't be a problem for you.
Tom Stall: What's that supposed to mean?
Charlie Roarke: Mr. Fogarty's just making conversation here.
Tom Stall: Well, whatever you want to call it, this conversation is over.
Charlie Roarke: I think he wants us to leave, Mr. Fogarty.
Frank Mulligan: Do you know what he does when he don't like people, Mr. Fogarty.
Carl Fogarty: Yeah. I'm scared. We should leave before he goes all 'Dirty Harry' on us.

[Mr. Fogarty asks Tom if he's from Philadelphia]
Tom Stall: Pennsylvania? Is that where you gentleman are from?
Carl Fogarty: [Mr. Fogarty rolls his eyes] Yeah, like you don't know.
Tom Stall: Sorry. Did - Did we know each other?
Carl Fogarty: [Mr. Fogarty removes his sunglasses, looking up at Tom] You tell me.

[Sam talks to Mr. Fogarty while pulling him over on the side of the road]
Sheriff Sam Carney: What's your business in Millbrook, sir?
Carl Fogarty: We're tourists.
Sheriff Sam Carney: What business did you have at Stall's diner today?
Carl Fogarty: We heard the coffee was terrific.
Sheriff Sam Carney: Let me make something clear to you and... Mr. Mulligan.
Carl Fogarty: Uh-huh?
Sheriff Sam Carney: This is a nice town. We have nice people here. We take care of our nice people. Do you understand?
Carl Fogarty: Yeah, sure.

[Mr. Fogarty talks to Edie out side the toy store]
Edie Stall: Listen to me. I don't know what you want, and I really don't care.
Carl Fogarty: You should care about what I want, Mrs. Stall, because I want something from your husband that might affect you, might change your life.

[Mr. Fogarty tells Edie to question Tom about his past]
Carl Fogarty: Well, why don't you ask Tom about his older brother Ritchie?
Edie Stall: [Edie rolls her eyes] He doesn't...
Carl Fogarty: [as Fogarty talks about his blind eye to Edie] Ask Tom about how he tried to rip my eye out with barbed wire. And ask him, Edie, how come he's so good at killing people?

[Edie threatens Mr. Fogarty to not come within 500 feet of her family]
Edie Stall: If I see you within 500 feet of me or my children or my husband, I will have you arrested.
Edie Stall: [Mr. Fogarty chuckles] Can I possibly make myself any clearer than that?
Carl Fogarty: No, no, Mrs. Stall, you can't. I thank you for your time. You have an enchanting daughter. And Mrs. Stall... don't forget your shoes.
[as Edie walks back barefoot to the shoe store]