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Edie Stall (Character)
from A History of Violence (2005)

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A History of Violence (2005)
[Mr. Fogarty tells Edie that her husband's real name is Joey Cusack]
Edie Stall: My husband does not know you. He wouldn't know you, somebody like you.
Carl Fogarty: Oh, he knows Carl Fogarty, all right. He knows me intimately. See?
Carl Fogarty: [Mr. Fogarty points to his blind left eye] This isn't a completely dead eye. It still works a bit. The problem is, the only thing I can see with it is Joey Cusack. And it can see right through him. Right through your husband, Edie. I see what's inside him, what makes him tick. He's still the same guy.
Edie Stall: No.
Carl Fogarty: He's still crazy fuckin' Joey. And you know it, don't you?
Edie Stall: I know that my husband is Tom Stall. That's what I know.

[Tom talks to Edie in bed after making love to her]
Edie Stall: What is it? Huh?
Tom Stall: I remember the moment I knew you were in love with me. I saw it in your eyes. I can still see it.
Edie Stall: Of course you can. I still love you.
Tom Stall: I'm the luckiest son-of-a-bitch alive.
Edie Stall: You are the best man I've ever known. There is no luck involved.

[Edie asks Tom for the truth about if he's Joey Cusack]
Tom Stall: Edie. Honey, are you okay?
Edie Stall: Tell me the truth.
Tom Stall: The truth?
Edie Stall: Please, you can do that, can't you? You can do that, can't you, please?
Tom Stall: What do you think you heard?
Edie Stall: It's not what I heard. It's what I saw. I saw Joey. I saw you turn into Joey right before my eyes. I saw a killer - The one Fogarty warned me about. You did kill men back in Philly, didn't you? Did you do it for money, or did you do it because you enjoyed it?
Tom Stall: Joey did, both. I didn't - Tom Stall didn't.
[as Edie runs into the bathroom to vomit]

[Edie drives Tom home from the diner and starts to flirt with him]
Edie Stall: We never got to be teenagers together.
Tom Stall: Uh-huh.
Edie Stall: I'm gonna fix that.

[Sam tells Tom and Edie who Mr. Fogarty and his men are]
Sheriff Sam Carney: Charles Roarke, Philadelphia. Indicted on three counts of murder. Frank Mulligan, out of New York, indicted on one count of murder. Questioned in relation to dozens of acts of violence that you don't want to hear about. Both men work for Carl Fogarty. That's the fella with the eye. He spent 15 years in prison on several counts of assault. He's suspected in half a dozen murders, and more disappearances. Tom, these guys are organized crime from the East Coast. Now, they're the real thing. They're bad men. I have to ask you a question...
Edie Stall: Jesus. Jesus, honey.
Sheriff Sam Carney: I have to ask you a question. Are you in some kind of witness protection plan?

[Tom sees Edie come out of the bathroom dressed up as a cheerleader]
Tom Stall: [whispering] Holy cow.
Edie Stall: [Edie reveals that she isn't wearing any panties under her skirt] What? Do you need some help with that, big boy?
Tom Stall: Uh... Maybe.
[Edie whips Tom's belt off as it slams to the wall]

[Tom and Edie make love with her dressed up as a cheerleader]
Tom Stall: What have you done with my wife?
Edie Stall: [as Edie gets ready to jump on Tom yelling out a cheer] Ready? Okay! Go Wildcats!
Edie Stall: [Edie chuckles sitting over Tom] No wives in here, mister.
Tom Stall: Mmm. Wow.
Edie Stall: Shh. My parents are in the other room.
Tom Stall: [as Tom exhales, whispering] You're naughty.

[Tom and Edie see Mr. Fogarty for the first time]
Edie Stall: Oh, look, more reporters. Nice.
Tom Stall: [Tom sees Mr. Fogarty walk in the diner] They don't look like reporters.

[Mr. Fogarty talks to Edie out side the toy store]
Edie Stall: Listen to me. I don't know what you want, and I really don't care.
Carl Fogarty: You should care about what I want, Mrs. Stall, because I want something from your husband that might affect you, might change your life.

[Mr. Fogarty tells Edie to question Tom about his past]
Carl Fogarty: Well, why don't you ask Tom about his older brother Ritchie?
Edie Stall: [Edie rolls her eyes] He doesn't...
Carl Fogarty: [as Fogarty talks about his blind eye to Edie] Ask Tom about how he tried to rip my eye out with barbed wire. And ask him, Edie, how come he's so good at killing people?

[Edie threatens Mr. Fogarty to not come within 500 feet of her family]
Edie Stall: If I see you within 500 feet of me or my children or my husband, I will have you arrested.
Edie Stall: [Mr. Fogarty chuckles] Can I possibly make myself any clearer than that?
Carl Fogarty: No, no, Mrs. Stall, you can't. I thank you for your time. You have an enchanting daughter. And Mrs. Stall... don't forget your shoes.
[as Edie walks back barefoot to the shoe store]

[Tom explains to Edie what happened to Joey Cusack]
Edie Stall: What are you, like, some multiple personality schizoid? It's like flipping a switch back and forth for you?
Tom Stall: I never expected to see Joey again.
Edie Stall: Oh, yeah. Joey. What, was he in hiding? Was he dead?
Tom Stall: I thought he was. I thought I killed Joey Cusack. I went out to the desert, and I killed him.
Edie Stall: Oh, my God.
Tom Stall: I spent 3 years becoming Tom Stall. Edie, you have to know this. I wasn't really born again until I met you. I was nothing.
Edie Stall: I don't believe you.

[Edie asks Tom about where the name 'Stall' came from]
Edie Stall: You didn't grow up in Portland. And you never talk about your adopted parents because you don't have any! And our name. Jesus Christ, my name. Jack's name. Sarah's name? Stall? Tom Stall? Did you just make that up? Where did that name come from?
Tom Stall: I mean... It was available.
Edie Stall: Yeah. I guess I was available, too.