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Tom Stall (Character)
from A History of Violence (2005)

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A History of Violence (2005)
[Tom talks to Edie in bed after making love to her]
Edie Stall: What is it? Huh?
Tom Stall: I remember the moment I knew you were in love with me. I saw it in your eyes. I can still see it.
Edie Stall: Of course you can. I still love you.
Tom Stall: I'm the luckiest son-of-a-bitch alive.
Edie Stall: You are the best man I've ever known. There is no luck involved.

[Tom argues with Jack about their way of solving problems]
Tom Stall: In this family, we do not solve our problems by hitting people!
Jack Stall: No, in this family, we shoot them!
[as Tom slaps Jack across the face]

[Mr. Fogarty holds his gun on Tom asking if he has any last words]
Carl Fogarty: You got anything to say before I blow your brains out, you miserable prick?
Tom Stall: I should've killed you back in Philly.
Carl Fogarty: [Mr. Fogarty smiles] Yeah, Joey. You should have.

[last lines]
Richie Cusack: [Joey holds a gun to Richie's head] Jesus, Joey.
Tom Stall: [as Joey shoots Richie in the head, then stands over his dead body] Jesus, Richie.

[Tom is frisked as soon as he enters Richie's home]
Ruben: Got to frisk you.
Tom Stall: Nah, I'll save you the trouble. I'm not packing.
Ruben: I got to frisk you.
Tom Stall: All right. I don't smell very good. I've been driving pretty much non-stop 15 to 16 hours.
Ruben: I'll hold my nose.

[Edie asks Tom for the truth about if he's Joey Cusack]
Tom Stall: Edie. Honey, are you okay?
Edie Stall: Tell me the truth.
Tom Stall: The truth?
Edie Stall: Please, you can do that, can't you? You can do that, can't you, please?
Tom Stall: What do you think you heard?
Edie Stall: It's not what I heard. It's what I saw. I saw Joey. I saw you turn into Joey right before my eyes. I saw a killer - The one Fogarty warned me about. You did kill men back in Philly, didn't you? Did you do it for money, or did you do it because you enjoyed it?
Tom Stall: Joey did, both. I didn't - Tom Stall didn't.
[as Edie runs into the bathroom to vomit]

[Richie talks to Joey about the business]
Richie Cusack: What am I gonna do? You bust up a made man's place. You killed some of his guys. You take his eye. Jesus, Joey, you took his eye. Barbed wire, wasn't it? That's disgusting. You always were the crazy one.
Tom Stall: Not anymore.
Richie Cusack: Yeah, I heard. You're living the American Dream. You really bought into it, didn't you? You've been this other guy, almost as long as you've been yourself. Hey, when you dream, are you still Joey?
Tom Stall: Joey's been dead a long time.
Richie Cusack: And yet here you sit... Big as life. You know you cost me a lot of time and money. Before you pulled that shit with Fogarty, I was a shoe-in to take over when the boss croaked - A shoe-in. It was made very clear to me, Joey. I had to clean up your mess, or nothing was ever gonna happen for me! You got no idea how much shit I had to pull to get back in with those guys. You cost me! A hell of a lot, Joey. A hell of a lot!
Tom Stall: Looks like you're doing all right over here.
Richie Cusack: Yeah, I am, I am. I'm still behind the eight-ball... Because of you. There's a certain lack of respect, a certain lack of trust. The boys in Boston are just waitin' for me to go down.

[Tom gets a phone call in the middle of the night]
Tom Stall: Hello?
Richie Cusack: Hey, Bro-heem. You're still pretty good with the killing. That's exciting.
Tom Stall: Richie?
Richie Cusack: [Richie chuckles] Yeah, it's Richie. What do you say, Joey? Are you going to come see me? Or do I have to come see you?

[Jack confronts his dad after he knows the truth about his secret identity]
Jack Stall: So, what am I supposed to call you now?
Tom Stall: You're supposed to call me Dad. That's what I am - Your Dad.
Jack Stall: Are you really? So, you're some kind of closet mobster dad? I mean, if I go rob Millikan's drug store, will you ground me if I don't give you a piece of the action? What, Dad? You tell me.
Tom Stall: Please, son. Don't.
Jack Stall: Tell me. If I talk to Sam about you, will you have me whacked?

[Tom tries to take advantage of Mr. Fogarty's good side after getting Jack back]
Carl Fogarty: You see how cozy it can be when you decide to play nice? Now, come on, Joey. Get in the car. You won't need your toothbrush. We'll take care of everything.
Tom Stall: I think it'd be better if you'd just leave now.
Carl Fogarty: [Mr. Fogarty stops] Joey.

[Richie asks Joey about having a farm]
Richie Cusack: So, you like that farm life? Milking cows and shit?
Tom Stall: I don't have a farm.
Richie Cusack: [Richie chuckles] No? Fogarty thought you lived on some kind of farm. Said you could smell pig. How that old fart would know what a pig smells like, I don't know, but that's what he said.

[Leland and Billy prepare to murder everybody in Tom's diner]
Tom Stall: Sir, we don't - We don't carry much cash here. You gentlemen are certainly welcome to all of it.
Leland Jones: Oh, I know that, asshole. Believe me. I do know that!
Leland Jones: [Leland pulls out his gun as the girl in the corner of the diner screams] Shut up, bitch!
Leland Jones: [Leland holds his gun on Tom] Okay, Billy... Let's show this asshole we mean business.
William Orser: [Billy looks at Charlotte] What? Her?
Leland Jones: Yes, her. Do her!

[Edie drives Tom home from the diner and starts to flirt with him]
Edie Stall: We never got to be teenagers together.
Tom Stall: Uh-huh.
Edie Stall: I'm gonna fix that.

[Mr. Fogarty calls Tom by the name of Joey in the diner]
Tom Stall: Who's Joey?
Carl Fogarty: You are.
Tom Stall: My name's Tom, sir.
Carl Fogarty: Of course it is.

[Tom questions Jack about beating Bobby up and getting expelled]
Tom Stall: What the hell were you thinking?
Jack Stall: I wasn't thinking.
Tom Stall: Obviously not.

[Mr. Fogarty threatens Tom to come with him back to Philadelphia]
Tom Stall: I told you, I have never been to Philadelphia.
Carl Fogarty: [Mr. Fogarty chuckles] You almost believe in your own crap, don't you? You know, you're trying so hard to be this other guy. It's painful to watch.

[Mr. Fogarty and his men have a conversation with Tom in the diner]
Tom Stall: We really are quite busy here today as you can see. So if you gentlemen aren't going to be eating, I really should offer your seats to paying customers.
Carl Fogarty: Hmm. Well...
Carl Fogarty: [Mr. Fogarty pulls out a $100 bill and lays it on the table] Now we're paying customers.
Tom Stall: [Tom picks up the bill] I can't take this.
Carl Fogarty: It shouldn't be a problem for you.
Tom Stall: What's that supposed to mean?
Charlie Roarke: Mr. Fogarty's just making conversation here.
Tom Stall: Well, whatever you want to call it, this conversation is over.
Charlie Roarke: I think he wants us to leave, Mr. Fogarty.
Frank Mulligan: Do you know what he does when he don't like people, Mr. Fogarty.
Carl Fogarty: Yeah. I'm scared. We should leave before he goes all 'Dirty Harry' on us.

[Tom's daughter Sarah has a a bad nightmare about the shadow monsters]
Jack Stall: What's wrong, Dad?
Tom Stall: Hi, kiddo. Sarah's just had a bad dream.
Jack Stall: [Jack turns on the light] Oh.
Sarah Stall: I saw monsters Jack.
Jack Stall: [Jack gasps] Monsters? What kind?
Sarah Stall: I don't know. They came out of my closet, and then they were in the shadows.
Jack Stall: Hmm, shadow monsters. Well, they look pretty scary, but they really can't do anything. Especially when the lights are on. They're scared of the light.

[Mick the diner chef tells Tom and Pat about the craziest girl he ever slept with]
Mick: Yeah. She used to have these crazy goddamn dreams where instead of her boyfriend, I was some kind of demented killer. I woke up one night, she stuck a goddamn fork in my shoulder.
Tom Stall: You're kidding me.
Mick: Nope. I'm spurting blood. She's sitting there crying, going, 'Baby, I love you, I love you.'
Tom Stall: [Pat laughs] So, what happened? You broke up with her, right?
Mick: No, I married her.
Mick: [Pat continues to laugh] Hey, it lasted 6 years. Nobody's perfect, Tom.
Tom Stall: I guess not.

[Tom sees Edie come out of the bathroom dressed up as a cheerleader]
Tom Stall: [whispering] Holy cow.
Edie Stall: [Edie reveals that she isn't wearing any panties under her skirt] What? Do you need some help with that, big boy?
Tom Stall: Uh... Maybe.
[Edie whips Tom's belt off as it slams to the wall]

[Tom and Edie make love with her dressed up as a cheerleader]
Tom Stall: What have you done with my wife?
Edie Stall: [as Edie gets ready to jump on Tom yelling out a cheer] Ready? Okay! Go Wildcats!
Edie Stall: [Edie chuckles sitting over Tom] No wives in here, mister.
Tom Stall: Mmm. Wow.
Edie Stall: Shh. My parents are in the other room.
Tom Stall: [as Tom exhales, whispering] You're naughty.

[Leland and Billy walk into the diner and start to threaten Tom]
Leland Jones: Coffee... Black.
William Orser: The same. I'll have some pie - Some of that lemon meringue pie.
Tom Stall: Guys, guys, I'm sorry. I'm - We're closed.
Leland Jones: I said...
Leland Jones: [Leland yells] Coffee!

[the news reporter Jenny Wyatt interviews Tom as he arrives home from the hospital]
Jenny Wyeth: We're in Millbrook, just outside the home of American hero Tom Stall, who's just now returning from the hospital with his family. Mr. Stall, Jenny Wyatt, WRPK news. I have a few questions for you. How did it feel when you saw the guns of those ruthless killers pointed directly at you.
Tom Stall: How did it feel?
Jenny Wyeth: Yeah.
Tom Stall: Not very good. Not very good.

[the news reporter tries to keep talking to Tom before Tom walks off]
Tom Stall: I really need to be with my family. Thanks.
Jenny Wyeth: I'm Jenny Wyatt in Millbrook, and that was Tom Stall - American hero, man of few words.

[Tom and Edie see Mr. Fogarty for the first time]
Edie Stall: Oh, look, more reporters. Nice.
Tom Stall: [Tom sees Mr. Fogarty walk in the diner] They don't look like reporters.

[Mr. Fogarty asks Tom if he's from Philadelphia]
Tom Stall: Pennsylvania? Is that where you gentleman are from?
Carl Fogarty: [Mr. Fogarty rolls his eyes] Yeah, like you don't know.
Tom Stall: Sorry. Did - Did we know each other?
Carl Fogarty: [Mr. Fogarty removes his sunglasses, looking up at Tom] You tell me.

[Tom explains to Edie what happened to Joey Cusack]
Edie Stall: What are you, like, some multiple personality schizoid? It's like flipping a switch back and forth for you?
Tom Stall: I never expected to see Joey again.
Edie Stall: Oh, yeah. Joey. What, was he in hiding? Was he dead?
Tom Stall: I thought he was. I thought I killed Joey Cusack. I went out to the desert, and I killed him.
Edie Stall: Oh, my God.
Tom Stall: I spent 3 years becoming Tom Stall. Edie, you have to know this. I wasn't really born again until I met you. I was nothing.
Edie Stall: I don't believe you.

[Edie asks Tom about where the name 'Stall' came from]
Edie Stall: You didn't grow up in Portland. And you never talk about your adopted parents because you don't have any! And our name. Jesus Christ, my name. Jack's name. Sarah's name? Stall? Tom Stall? Did you just make that up? Where did that name come from?
Tom Stall: I mean... It was available.
Edie Stall: Yeah. I guess I was available, too.

[Joey sees Richie for the first time again]
Richie Cusack: Can you believe that place is still standing, 'The Track and Turf'? Didn't you bang Jill Levy there right on the bar in front of everybody?
Tom Stall: I never banged Jill Levy.
Richie Cusack: Well, you should've. She was - She was something.

[Richie and Tom give each other a hug]
Tom Stall: How you dong, Richie?
Richie Cusack: [Richie holds his head out to Joey] Mmm.
Richie Cusack: [Richie chuckles] Yeah.
Richie Cusack: [Richie hugs Joey] It's been a long, long time, bro-heem.

[Richie tells Joey he's pissed at him]
Richie Cusack: I'm pretty pissed at you, bro-heem. You could've called. You could've dropped a postcard in the mail. We're brothers, what'd you think would happen.
Tom Stall: I thought that business would come first.
Richie Cusack: Well, yeah. Yeah, I know.

[Richie tells Joey about the first day Joey came home as a baby]
Richie Cusack: You always were a problem for me, Joey. When mom brought you home from the hospital, I tried to strangle you in your crib. I guess all kids try to do that. She caught me, whacked the daylights out of me.
Tom Stall: I've heard that story.
Richie Cusack: Well, what do you think? Better late than never?
Tom Stall: Richie... I'm here to make peace. Tell me what I got to do to make things right.
Richie Cusack: You could do something, I guess.
Richie Cusack: [Richie pauses as Ruben reaches into his sleeve behind Joey] You could die, Joey.