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Mark (Character)
from Training Day (2001)

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Training Day (2001)
Alonzo: [after killing Roger and shooting Jeff] It's not what you know, it's what you can prove. Mark and Paul, you kicked the door down. Jeff's the first one through. Roger hits Jeff twice.
[to Jeff]
Alonzo: What's the matter, one go through?
Tim: Yeah, you shot him.
Jeff: You fucking shot me, man!
Alonzo: Don't worry about it. You'll get a medal.
Jeff: Get me an ambulance!
Alonzo: Hey, hey, hey. You wanna go to jail or you wanna go home? Let me quarterback this thing. Mark, Paul, you kicked the door down. Jeff's the first one through. Roger shoots Jeff twice, bang bang. Our new guy, Hoyt, he's in second. Drops Roger with some fine shotgun work. Now who shot Roger?
Mark: New guy, came in spraying.
Alonzo: Who shot Roger?
Paul: Boot did it.
Alonzo: What did you guys see?
Tim: Hoyt blasted him.
Jeff: Hey, fuck Hoyt, all right? Ambulance time!
Alonzo: Done. Paul, call 'em up.
Paul: 11-49-98 Shots fired. Officer down. Repeat. Officer down. 5951 Baxter Street.

Alonzo Harris: [after killing Roger] Use your ears and hear me, Jake. Sometimes we gotta take this shit all the way. Now, nobody will ever ask you to pull the trigger if you don't want to.
Alonzo Harris: [to Mark] Mark, where are you transferring to?
Mark: S.I.S.
Alonzo Harris: S.I.S. Detective. Give me 18 months, I'll give you a career. We're an elite unit. We make the big seizures. We make the big arrests. But if you're in my unit, you gotta be in it all the way or not at all. I thought that you was man enough to face that. I guess I was wrong. Five proven, decorated officers say that you're the shooter. The investigators are gonna want to pull a tube of your blood to check for intoxicants, and what are they gonna find, Jake? Do the math. You've been smoking PCP all day, haven't you?
Jake: You've been planning this all day?
Alonzo Harris: I've been planning this all week, son. You talk that crazy shit, I'll make sure that blood gets to the lab. You wanna walk your baby nuts around the block, you won't make it to the corner, but if you're cool, if you're cool... then you're a hero. You're a virgin shooter above suspicion.

Alonzo Harris: [after killing Roger and framing Jake] Congratulations, son. You're gonna get a Medal of Valor for this.
Jake Hoyt: But I didn't shoot him.
Alonzo Harris: A roomful of cops said you did.
Jake Hoyt: But I didn't. You did.
Alonzo Harris: A Los Angeles Police Department Narcotics officer was killed today serving a high-risk warrant in Echo Park. Gimme the bitch. LAPD spokesperson says the officer is survived... by his wife and infant child. Shit gets deeper. You get the picture?
Jake Hoyt: Yeah, I get it.
[Jake grabs gun from Alonzo, the crew points guns at Jake]
Jake Hoyt: That's the second time you pointed a gun at me. There will not be a third!
Alonzo Harris: Goddamn, boy! My nigga, are y'all watching this? That's it!
Paul: It'd be my pleasure to put a hydrashock in that melon...
Alonzo Harris: Wait, wait.
Paul: But naw, I'ma be cool. Now drop the fucking gun now!
Jake Hoyt: You wanna shoot me, Paul, go ahead. But I'm taking him with me.
Mark: I'm going, Alonzo.
Paul: This motherfucker's a fed.
Alonzo Harris: Naw, he ain't no fed. He's just a choirboy that got the drop on all you fools.
Jake Hoyt: You can't put this shit on me. I did not sign up for this!
Alonzo Harris: I understand your anger. Everybody, put your guns down.
Tim: [shouts] Hell, naw!
Paul: Choirboy first.
Alonzo Harris: [shouts] Everybody, put your guns down! That's an order.
Alonzo Harris: Put 'em down!

Alonzo: [while meeting on the roof of a parking garage] What's happening? You got the picks and shovels?
Mark: You gonna dig a ditch?
Alonzo: Nope. You are. That's a nice suit.
[to Paul]
Alonzo: What's going on, killer?
Paul: I can't call it. Been hearing some shit out here on these streets. You all right?
Alonzo: Yeah. I talked to the three wise men today. Everything's all good.
Paul: Shit, you say we can get away with it, I'm with you on that.
[points to Jake]
Paul: Who the fuck is this?
Jake: Jake Hoyt. I'm from Valley Patrol. It's my first day.
Paul: You a long way from Starbucks homey.
[to Alonzo]
Paul: Yo, why the fuck is he in on this?
Alonzo: Gotta get his cherry popped sometime.
Paul: [to Jake] Yo, stay the fuck outta my way. Just for the big dogs, you feel me?
Alonzo: All right. Here's the warrant signed and sealed by the judge, thanks to the Sandman. Alright, now listen up; Safety is first. He gives us shit - Boom! We're giving him lead. Let's do this right so we can all go home and do the wife or the girlfriend thing, alright? Let's suit up, ladies. Time to punch in.