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Palmer (Character)
from The Thing (1982)

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The Thing (1982)
[Norris' head grows legs and tries to walk away]
Palmer: You gotta be fuckin' kidding.

Palmer: I was wonderin' when El Capitan was gonna get a chance to use his popgun.

MacReady: I don't know. Thousands of years ago it crashes, and this thing... gets thrown out, or crawls out, and it ends up freezing in the ice.
Childs: I just cannot believe any of this voodoo bullshit.
Palmer: Childs, happens all the time, man. They're falling out of the skies like flies. Government knows all about it, right, Mac?
Childs: You believe any of this voodoo bullshit, Blair?
Palmer: Childs, Childs... Chariots of the Gods, man. They practically own South America. I mean, they taught the Incas everything they know.
Garry: So, come on now, MacReady, Norwegians get ahold of this... and they dig it up out of the ice.
MacReady: Yes, Garry, they dig it up, they cart it back, it gets thawed out, wakes up - probably not the best of moods - I don't know, I wasn't there!
Nauls: [skates in with ripped long johns] Which one of you disrespectful men been tossing his dirty drawers in the kitchen trash can, huh? From now, I want my kitchen clean, all right? Germ free!
Childs: So how's this motherfucker wake up after thousands of years in the ice?
George Bennings: And how can it look like a dog?
MacReady: I don't know how. 'Cause it's different than us, see? 'Cause it's from outer space. What do you want from me? Ask him!
[motions to Blair]
Childs: You buy any of this Blair?

Palmer: [arguing about letting MacReady back inside] Let's open the door.
Childs: Hell no!
Windows: Do you think he's changed into one of those Things?
Palmer: He's had plenty of time.
Childs: Nothing human could have made with back here through this weather without a guide line.
Palmer: Let's open the door now!
Childs: Why are you so anxious to let him back in here, Palmer?
Palmer: Because it's so close! Maybe it may be our best chance to blow it away!
Childs: No! Let's just let him freeze to death out there!
Windows: Childs, what if we're wrong about him?
Childs: Well then, we're wrong!

MacReady: [holding dynamite] Anyone messes with me... and the whole camp goes!
Palmer: Don't argue with him!

MacReady: [facing a silent group] Anybody seen Fuchs? Somebody blew out a fuse in the lab. Lights where out in there for an hour; any ONE of us coulda gotten to him. All right, we gotta find him. Nauls, why don't you come with me and we'll look outside. Palmer, you and Windows check the inside.
Palmer: I ain't going with Windows. I ain't goin' with 'im. I'll go with Childs.
Windows: Hey, fuck you, Palmer!
Palmer: I ain't goin' with you!
Childs: Who says I want you goin' with ME?
MacReady: [emphatically] ALL RIGHT, CUT THE BULLSHIT!
MacReady: Windows, you come with us. Norris, you stay here.
MacReady: [referring to Garry, Clack & Doc tied to the sofa] Any of them move, you fry 'em. You hear anything - anything at all - you cut loose on the sirens. We all meet back here in twenty minutes - REGARDLESS! And everybody watch whoever you're with... real close.

Palmer: [forced at gunpoint to tie up the corpses of Clark and Dr. Copper] This is bullshit, Mac!
MacReady: Finish it, Palmer.
Palmer: They're dead, Mac!