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Quotes for
Eve (Character)
from Once Upon a Time in America (1984)

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Once Upon a Time in America (1984)
[first lines]
[In 1933, two goons rudely question a young woman]
Beefy: Where is he? Where's he hiding?
Eve: I don't know... I've been looking for him since yesterday.
[second goon slaps her harshly; she falls onto the bed]
Beefy: I'm gonna ask you for the last time: Where is he?
Eve: I don't know... What are you gonna do to him?
[Two shots are heard]
Beefy: [to his partner] Stay here in case that rat shows up...

Noodles: We gotta reorganize, Max. And I got a couple of good ideas...
Max: Me too.
Eve: If I had a million bucks, I'd take it easy.
Max: We'll take it easy when we got twenty... fifty!
Noodles: Where're you gonna get THAT?
Max: Right here...
[draws a diagram in the sand]
Noodles: What's that?
Max: It's a dream. A dream I've been dreaming all my life. I swear to God, you and me together, we can make it come true!
Noodles: What is it?
Max: The Federal Reserve Bank. It's the biggest step we can take, Noodles!
Noodles: You're really crazy.
Max: Don't you ever say that to me! Don't ever say that to me again!

[Before Max's grand robbery]
Noodles: I'm gonna be gone for a while.
Eve: I'll be waiting at the hotel. I like it when you come home late and wake me up.
Noodles: I'm not gonna be home tonight. I'm not gonna be home tomorrow either.
Eve: I thought these things only take a couple of hours...
[Elsewhere, the gang is making a toast to the end of Prohibition]
Eve: How long will I have to wait?
Noodles: A year and a half, more or less. Six months off for good behaviour.
Eve: What are you gonna do?
Noodles: Don't ask.