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Quotes for
Kurt Longjohn (Character)
from Boogie Nights (1997)

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Boogie Nights (1997)
Kurt Longjohn: Little Bill.
Little Bill: Hey. Kurt. What's up?
Kurt Longjohn: What's wrong with you?
Little Bill: Ah... my fuckin' wife, man, she's over there... she's got some idiot's dick in her, people standing around watching - it's a fuckin' embarassment.
Kurt Longjohn: Yeah. Yeah. I know. Anyway, listen:
Little Bill: - yeah.
Kurt Longjohn: For the shoot - I wanna talk about the look. I wanted to see about getting this new zoom lens...
Little Bill: Right.
Kurt Longjohn: I wondered if we'd be able to look into getting some more lights, too, y'know...
Little Bill: Jack wants a minimal-thing...
Kurt Longjohn: Right, well, very often, minimal means a lot more photographically than I think, well... than I think most people understand...
Little Bill: I understand.
Kurt Longjohn: No, no. Hey. I know you understand, I was talking about some other people.
Little Bill: Well, I think what Jack is talking about is minimal, not really "natural", but minimal...
Kurt Longjohn: Okay... fine... I was just saying...
Little Bill: I understand...
Kurt Longjohn: - 'cause I'm trying to give each picture it's own look...
Little Bill: Can we talk about this later?
Kurt Longjohn: Oh, yeah... you have to go somewhere... or...?
Little Bill: Well, no, yeah... I mean...
Kurt Longjohn: 'Cause I was hoping to, y'know, for the shoot tomorrow, we could send Rocky down and he could pick it up...
Little Bill: Kurt.
Kurt Longjohn: No. Hey. Gotcha. You've gotta go somewhere so - hey - what the fuck? It's only the fucking photography of the movie we're talking about.
Little Bill: My fucking wife has an ass in her cock over in the driveway, alright? I'm sorry if my thoughts aren't with the photography of the film we're shooting tomorrow, Kurt, OK?
Kurt Longjohn: OK. No big deal. Sorry.