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Quotes for
Rahad Jackson (Character)
from Boogie Nights (1997)

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Boogie Nights (1997)
Todd Parker: We're not leaving yet. We're here now, and we want something else from you. Hey... hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey! We want something else from you.
Rahad Jackson: ...What?
Dirk: Todd, what the hell are you doing man? Let's just go.
Todd Parker: In the master bedroom... under the bed... in a floor safe. Understand?
Dirk: What the fuck is the matter with you Todd, let's go! Come on, man!
Reed Rothchild: Todd!
Todd Parker: Shhhut up Dirk. I t... I told you I got a plan. I got a very good plan.
Rahad Jackson: Are you-are you kidding me, kitty?
Todd Parker: Nah, I'm not, see? I'm not kidding. I want what's in the safe! We want what is in the goddamn safe, in the goddamn master bedroom on the fuckin' floor in the goddamn fuckin' floor safe, that's all!
Dirk: Todd, don't be crazy, ok?
[to Rahad]
Dirk: Sir - we don't know anything about this, okay? This is not at all what we wanted.
Todd Parker: Shut the fuck up Dirk.
[to Rahad's bodyguard]
Todd Parker: Do not reach for your gun, man, don't reach for your gun!
Todd Parker: [Todd pulls out gun and aims it at bodyguard, Rahad shoots Todd in the shoulder, before fleeing to his bedroom, laughing maniacally; Dirk and Reed take cover as the bodyguard pulls out two pistols and starts firing at them, Todd then shoots the bodyguard]
Todd Parker: He went in the bedroom!
Dirk: Todd, what the fuck are you doin'?
Todd Parker: He went in the bedroom!
Dirk: Todd, what the fuck did you go crazy?
Todd Parker: He's got coke and he's got cash, in that safe, in that bedroom and if we leave here without it, man we're fuckin' idiots, man! We came here to motherfuckin' do something and we can fucking do it, alright? Are you with me?
Reed Rothchild: Todd, listen to me! Let's just split, man! Let's just split right this was not the thing! This was not supposed to be the thing, Todd!
Todd Parker: That's what we goddamn came here to motherfuckin' do, and that's what I'm gonna fuckin' do right fuckin' now!
Dirk: Fuck, no! Don't, don't! Don't be fucking stupid!
Rahad Jackson: [Todd kicks down the door and is shot in the chest with a shotgun by Rahad] Come on, you puppies!
[Rahad racks his shotgun and fires at Dirk and Reed]
Rahad Jackson: It's comin' down for puppies!

Rahad Jackson: Oh, that's Cosmo... he's Chinese.

Rahad Jackson: You want somethin' to drink? A little pill, a little coke, a little dope? I got everything!