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Quotes for
Buck Swope (Character)
from Boogie Nights (1997)

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Boogie Nights (1997)
Buck Swope: [to his pregnant wife] How's my little kung fu fighter?
Jessie St. Vincent: He's kicking ass inside my stomach.

Buck Swope: See this system here? This is Hi-Fi... high fidelity. What that means is that it's the highest quality fidelity.

[Reed and Buck discuss a magic trick in a loud and crowded night club]
Buck Swope: Doesn't it scare you dealing with all those evil forces?
Reed Rothchild: Evil horses?
Buck Swope: Evil forces.
Reed Rothchild: Evil? No man, it's not evil. It's an illusion.
Buck Swope: Yeah, yeah, it's confusing.
[Reed looks confused and smiles]
Reed Rothchild: Thank you.

Buck Swope: You're not being fair. This isn't fair.
Loan Officer: This financial institution cannot endorse pornography.
Buck Swope: Stop saying pornography! Why are you doing this to me? I am an actor. I am an actor.

Becky Barnett: It sounds like your bosses at the stereo store are saying the same thing.
Buck Swope: What?
Buck Swope: What? You get a new look.
Becky Barnett: I have a look alright. The look I have is just fine.
Buck Swope: What's your look?
Becky Barnett: Chocolate love 100%. You don't have to lash out like that Buck, I'm just trying to be your friend.
Buck Swope: Drop it Becky.

Donut Shop Robber: [suddenly charges in the donut shop with a gun] Alright, motherfucker! Empty the cash register *now,* motherfucker! HURRY UP!
Buck Swope: [puts his hands up]
[whispers loudly]
Buck Swope: Jesus Christ!
Donut Shop Robber: [points gun at Buck] Shut the *fuck* up!
[to the cashier]
[the donut shop cashier starts emptying out his register; a random customer sitting at a table watches]
Donut Shop Robber: [the cashier hands the robber a brown bag full of cash] No, no, no, motherfucker! Empty the safe, too, asshole! Come on, I haven't got all night!
[the cashier goes to empty the safe as the customer sitting silently at the nearby table quickly reaches inside his coat jacket]
Donut Shop Robber: [the shop robber turns to Buck] Don't even move!
Buck Swope: [trembling with his hands still in the air] I'm not movin', I'm not moving...
Donut Shop Robber: SHUT UP! Don't even fuckin' move, man!
[the cashier begins to empty out the safe and collects large amounts of cash; the customer sitting at the table pulls out a pistol]
Buck Swope: [stutters] I'm not...
Donut Shop Robber: Shut the fuck up!
Buck Swope: [Buck spots the customer aiming his gun at the robber] Hey, hey! Don't do that! No, no, no, no...
Donut Shop Robber: [to Buck] You shut the fuck up!