Juni Cortez
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Juni Cortez (Character)
from Spy Kids (2001)

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Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (2003)
Juni: Arnold, you should know, when we reach Level 5...
Arnold: Don't tell me. I want it to be a surprise.
Juni: Believe me, it will!

Juni: I never even got her e-mail address!

Juni: You sound close?
Carmen: I am!

Juni: I'm trying to reach level 2!

Juni: Which is worse! Lava or Tinker Toys!
Francis: Definitely Tinker Toys!

Juni: Mr. President.
Devlin: Oh you can call me Devlin.
Juni: Weren't you already running the country when you were head of the OSS?

Juni: I haven't seen Carmen since Christmas. Last year.

Rez: Who are you?
Cesca Giggles: Special Agent Cortez, we need you.
Juni: [boys stare at him in wonder] I'm just Juni.

Juni: I can't beat you, Arnold!
Arnold: I know.

Juni: Why is it that every video game has lava in it?
Francis: Technically, that's not true. There's no lava in Halo. And in Metroid, it's molten magma.

Agent Damage Report: [Shows Juni the beta tester boys in their real life form] Cortez, are these the boys that were in the game with you? We tracked them through their email addresses.
Juni: [Sees the boys] Yeah that's them. They wouldn't know anything about...
[doesn't recognize the boys in their non-game form]
Juni: Hey,wait a second; what happened to Francis the Brain, Arnold the Strong and Mr. Cool?
Francis: Well, in the real world, I'm not that smart.
Arnold: I'm not strong.
Rez: I'm not cool.
Juni: [Winces] Reality check...

Rez: [Sees Juni standing in front of a giant billboard of the game near a guy wearing a similar game suit to him] Will you look at this?
Francis: [getting his analysis scanner and finds a match] Hold to your joysticks boys. I think we got him.
[the boys walk over to Juni]
Francis: You're The Guy.
Juni: I'm the Who?
Francis: The Guy. The guy from the poster.
[Turns around and points to the suit in the billboard]
Francis: That guy.
Juni: [Looks at the poster and is confused] No, wait a minute; I'm only looking for my sister. She's somewhere on Level 4. Them I'm heading out through Level 5.
Rez: So you can win the game?
Juni: I guess that's one way of putting it.
Francis: You see, according to the tech manual,
[opens the tech manual up]
Francis: if we find The Guy...
[turns around and points to the poster]
Francis: The Guy... he'll lead us through the unwinnable level.
Rez: Hey, just because he made out of RoboCon in one piece doesn't mean he's The Guy!
Francis: He's the first I've ever seen to make it out with the power suit.
[taps Juni's suit]
Rez: Man, give me a break. This wimp's a phoney.
Francis: There's only one way to find out.
Rez: [Turns around to see a racetrack behind him] Mega Race. The fastest, most dangerous race in the game world.

Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams (2002)
Juni: One necklace to rule them all!

Carmen: How long have we been falling?
Juni: I don't know; my watch doesn't tell time!
Carmen: Best guess?

Carmen: How can you be eating at a time like this?
Juni: You know that tickling sensation you get when you fall?
Carmen: Of course.
Juni: That pretty much went away after the first hour.

Juni: Skeletons! Dead skeletons!
Carmen: Are there any other kind?

Juni: I do not understand you
Carmen: And you never will

Carmen: Well, there it is.
Juni: How do you know?
Carmen: 'Cause it's big, and weird, and in the middle of the room.

Juni: Well, at least we can still laugh.
Carmen: About what?
Juni: Thinking about whatever Gary and Gerti are doing right now!

Gary Giggles: You take her, and I'll take this
[gesturing to devise]
Gary Giggles: . That way we both look good.
Juni: I'm not in this for looks Gary

Juni: I wonna pull him up here, so I can push him back over myself.

[Carmen and Juni are free-falling into the volcano]
Carmen: How long have we been falling?
Juni: I don't know, my watch doesn't tell time!

Juni: [sees the Giggles are at the OSS dinner] No wonder your buddy's here. Your buddy with the weird laugh.
Carmen: He does NOT have a weird laugh.

Spy Kids (2001)
Juni Cortez: It Needs Monsters.

Juni Cortez: Eew, gross!
Carmen Cortez: What do you see?
Juni Cortez: You.
Carmen Cortez: Very funny.

[Inside the super guppy]
Juni Cortez: Wow.
Carmen Cortez: We are *definitely* gonna be late for school

Carmen Cortez: Go ahead. You've got nothing on me, warthog.
Juni Cortez: Try me... Diaper lady.

[Juni has just gotten some valuable information from the Fooglies, who talk backwards]
Juni Cortez: Sknaht!

Juni Cortez: It needs... children.

Juni Cortez: You mean you're our real uncle? Because we've already got a fake uncle.

Gregorio Cortez: Juni. Remember, you are a Cortez.
Juni Cortez: Whats so great about being a Cortez?
Gregorio Cortez: Lots of things!

Juni Cortez: Teach them to be good!

Juni Cortez: I have warts on my fingers.