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Toymaker (Character)
from Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (2003)

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Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (2003)
Toymaker: [to his three other personalities] I don't mind talking to myself, but when you guys start to cut me outta the conversation. That's when it gets a little... strange!

Toymaker: Am I insane?
Toymaker: [his Dictator personality] Completely!

[repeated line]
Toymaker: Game over.

Toymaker: I'm taking this to the next level!

Toymaker: Game... Over.

Toymaker: [posing as President Devlin after being freed from the game] I've come back to settle the score. For imprisoning me! For using me!

Toymaker: Thank you for freeing me, Valentin, but it's too late. Nothing can stop me now... not even you.
Grandfather: That's true. Only you can do that. You double-crossed us. The agency, your fellow agents and me. Your mistake cost me my legs! Well a mistake like that could only someone further into the dark, and it has. Look at you now.
Toymaker: But I gave you back your legs when you were in the game - *I* did that for *you*!
Grandfather: Let me tell you all of the things I've missed in my life because of the accident you caused: I can't walk on the beach with my wife. I missed my daughter's birth... and wedding. Shall I continue? Now... let me tell you all the GOOD things that came of it. Humility. Spirituality. Understanding. You've been living in fear of me all these years, but I've only been searching for you so I could tell you... that I forgive you.
Toymaker: I've only dreamed I would hear you say something like that...

Toymaker: This childish game will soon be over. And then the real game will begin.