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Quotes for
Brandt (Character)
from Equilibrium (2002)

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Equilibrium (2002)
Brandt: You clean, we'll sweep.

Brandt: I told you I'd make my career with you, Preston.

Brandt: Cleric, I can only hope one day to be as uncompromising as you.

Brandt: Mind the uniform Cleric.
[unsheathes a katana]
Brandt: I plan to be wearing it for a long time.

Brandt: I'm not feeling! He is the one who's feeling!

Brandt: Always practicing, Cleric. Maybe that's why you're the best.
John Preston: Maybe I'm just better.

Polygraph Technician: This is a control question, a riddle really. How would you say would be the easiest way to take a weapon away from a Grammaton Cleric?
Brandt: [speaks into Preston's ear] You ask him for it.