Captain John Darius
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Captain John Darius (Character)
from Inside Man (2006)

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Inside Man (2006)
Keith Frazier: Last time I had my johnson pulled this good it cost me five bucks.
Captain John Darius: Five bucks?
Keith Frazier: It was Tiajuana. Don't ask.

[Inside the "war room" van, Detective Keith Frazier finally accepts a call from Dalton Russell]
Dalton Russell: I got a question for ya. You get it right, I give you more time.
Keith Frazier: And?
Dalton Russell: You know what happens if you don't. Which weighs more: all the trains that pass through Grand Central Station in a year - or the trees cut down to print all U.S. currency in circulation? Here's a hint. It's a trick question.
[they both hang up]
Keith Frazier: What the hell was that? Playing games, now?
Captain John Darius: [realizing] It's the trains. U.S. money isn't printed on paper at all. It's cotton.
Mobile Command Officer Berk: Yeah, that's, that's right.
Captain John Darius: No trees were cut down.
Mobile Command Officer Rourke: Are you sure?
Captain John Darius: Yeah. One hundred percent.
Keith Frazier: Okay.
[He dials Dalton's number again. The phone rings. Dalton picks it up]
Keith Frazier: I got it.
Det. Bill Mitchell: Wait a second, wait a second.
Keith Frazier: Call you back.
[Both Frazier and Dalton hang up their phones]
Det. Bill Mitchell: It's a trap. They both weigh the same. Tell him they both weigh the same. They both weigh nothing.
Keith Frazier: They both weigh nothing or they both weigh the same?
Det. Bill Mitchell: Tell him they both weigh the same. Tell him they both weigh the same. Do it now.
Keith Frazier: They both weigh the same. Got it.
[Dalton picks up the phone]
Dalton Russell: Well?
Keith Frazier: They both weigh the same.
Dalton Russell: [with evil nonchalance] This time, send sandwiches.