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Pestilence (Character)
from The Crow: Wicked Prayer (2005)

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"Supernatural: Two Minutes to Midnight (#5.21)" (2010)
Pestilence: How'd you get here?
Castiel: I took a bus. Don't worry, I...
[Cass keels over coughing and gagging]
Pestilence: Well, look at that. An occupied vessel, but powerless. Oh, that's fascinating. There's not a speck of an angel in you, is there?
[Cass slices off Pestilence's finger and takes his ring]
Castiel: Maybe just a speck.

Pestilence: [Sam and Dean are crippled by his diseases] Hmm, you boys don't look well... It might be the Scarlet Fever, or the meningitis, oh
Pestilence: ... or the syphilis.
[clicks tongue]
Pestilence: That's no fun...
Pestilence: [grabs Dean's hair] However you feel now, it's only gonna get so very, very much worse... questions?
[lets go]
Pestilence: [Walks over to hand sanitizer, scrubs his hands] Disease gets a bad rap, don't you think? For being filthy, chaotic... but really, that just describes people who are sick. Disease itself? Very pure, single-minded... bacteria have one purpose - divide and conquer.
Pestilence: [steps on Dean's hand as he's reaching for a knife] That's why in the end, it always wins...
[kicks the knife away]
Pestilence: So, you gotta wonder why God pours all His love into something so MESSY! AND WEAK?
[suddenly calm, shrugs]
Pestilence: It's ridiculous... and all I can do is show Him He's wrong, one epidemic at a time.

Nurse: Sir. The Winchesters are here. We should go.
Pestilence: [Scoffs] Are you kidding me?
Nurse: They have a track record with Horsemen.
Pestilence: You mean my brothers. What they did to my brothers. No. The only reasonable thing to do here is to take it out of their healthy young asses.
Nurse: We're under strict orders not to kill the vessels.
Pestilence: [Softly at first] Well, if Satan wants them so bad, he can GLUE THEM BACK TOGETHER!

The Crow: Wicked Prayer (2005)
Pestilence: Get off me, you damn hallucination!

"The Young Ones: Interesting (#1.5)" (1982)
Famine: Oh, I'm famished...
Pestilence: So what's new?
War: Microchip technology.