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Funboy (Character)
from The Crow (1994)

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The Crow (1994)
[Skank puts a gun to Tin Tin's head]
Skank: Fuck you, Tin Tin!
[Tin Tin puts a knife to Skank's throat]
Tin Tin: Hey, that shit ain't even loaded, man.
[Funboy points a gun at Tin Tin]
Funboy: This one is.
[T-Bird points a gun at all three of them]
T-Bird: Which of you Motor City motherfuckers wants to bet me this one isn't?

Funboy: Look what you've done... to my sheets.

Funboy: You are seriously fucked up. Would you look in the mirror? I mean, you need professional help!

[Funboy pulls the trigger, blowing a hole in Eric Draven's hand]
Funboy: Bingo! He shoots, he scores!

Funboy: Jesus Christ!
Eric Draven: Jesus Christ? Stop me if you heard this one: Jesus Christ walks into a hotel.
[Fun Boy shoots him]
Eric Draven: Ow! He hands the innkeeper three nails, and he asks...
[Fun Boy shoots him again]
Funboy: Don't you ever fuckin' die?
Eric Draven: Can you put me up for the night?

"The Crow: Stairway to Heaven: A Gathering Storm (#1.22)" (1999)
Fun Boy: I don't want to die.
The Crow: Try it, you might like it.