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Ashe Corven (Character)
from The Crow: City of Angels (1996)

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The Crow: City of Angels (1996)
Kali: Do you know how to fight?
Ashe Corven: Do you know how to die?

Ashe Corven: One crow, sorrow. Two crows, joy. Three crows, a letter! Four crows, a boy.
Ashe Corven: Let him go. He's just a child.
Ashe Corven: Five crows, silver. Six crows, gold! Seven crows, a secret never to be told.

Judah: You can't stop me anymore, Ashe. You haven't got the power. There's nothing but pain for you now.
Ashe Corven: Pain *is* my power.

Ashe Corven: Lady Luck's a bitch.

Ashe Corven: Does the corpse have a familiar face?
Spider Monkey: [flashback] Flowers for the dead, señor?
Spider Monkey: We killed you man. You're dead!
Ashe Corven: Sorry to disappoint you.

Ashe Corven: Do you know what they call a gathering of crows? Curve? A murder. A murder of crows. Think about it.

Ashe Corven: Nothing personal, sport.

Sarah: There's a reason why you've been brought back, Ashe.
Ashe Corven: To find the people who did this to us. To make them pay.

Ashe Corven: [to Spider Monkey] I'll start with Nemo, and then work my way up the food chain.

Ashe Corven: Congratulations, Monkey! You just bought yourself a fighting chance!

Danny: Look! I made this.
Ashe Corven: Who are they?
Danny: Those people?
Ashe Corven: Yeah.
Danny: That's you and me.
Ashe Corven: That's me? And the thing on top over there?
Danny: That?
Ashe Corven: Yeah.
Danny: That's a blue sun!
Ashe Corven: A blue sun?
Danny: Yeah, a blue sun.
[two gun shots heard nearby]
Danny: Ooo. What was that?
[runs outside]
Ashe Corven: Danny, stay here.
Ashe Corven: Danny!

Ashe Corven: Hush little baby, shh, don't say a word. Daddy's gonna buy you a big black bird!

Ashe Corven: Time's up, Curve!

Ashe Corven: Wrong place, wrong time, hey Curve.
Curve: You think I'm afraid of you? You fucking freak! You think I'm afraid? YOU THINK I'M AFRAID?

Ashe Corven: People used to put coins in the mouths of the dead. Do you know why? So they could pay the ferryman to take them across the river Styx.

Ashe Corven: You killed my son, Nemo! You took away the only piece of light left in my soul.
Nemo: We had to. We had to! It wasn't our fault! Was Judah's orders. Never leave any witnesses. We didn't have a choice!
Ashe Corven: You always have a choice!

Ashe Corven: Do you want me...
Ashe Corven: baby?
Nemo: You!
Ashe Corven: Me!

Ashe Corven: I'm all your nightmares rolled into one!

Ashe Corven: You're wasting your breath Angelito. Nobody's up there... listening.