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Quotes for
Grange (Character)
from The Crow (1994)

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The Crow (1994)
Grange: So that, I take it, was the late, great Eric Draven.
Myca: [studying the crow's feather] He has power. But it is power you can take from him.
Top Dollar: I like him already.
Myca: The crow is his link between the land of the living, and the realm of the dead.
Grange: So, kill the crow... and destroy the man.

Grange: I saw him too. He had a guitar. He winked at me before he jumped out a fourth floor window like he had wings.
Top Dollar: He winked at you?
Top Dollar: Musicians.

[Grange notices Gideon's burns]
Grange: You burn yourself playing with matches?
Gideon: Fuck off.
Grange: You have an appointment.
Gideon: Well, shit on me.
Grange: Drink up.
Gideon: This is a first. Do I bow or do I curtsy?

Skank: [fast and hysterically] That's him! That's him! But he looked different. He was all painted up white like some sort of dead whore! I seen him! T-Bird he sent me in some road beers, right? Then he took him away. But, I chased him down. And he flash fried T-bird to his fucking car! Aww, T-Bird here's to you buddy.
[drinks his flask]
Skank: Fire it up! Fire it up! Fire it up!
Top Dollar: Maybe we oughta just video tape this, play it back in slow motion.
Top Dollar: Did you see the grave?
Grange: Empty.
Skank: [still hysterical] Grave? What grave? What about my fucking grave?
[Grange pushes him away]
Grange: Three out of four. He's working his way to this speed freak right here.
Skank: [still hysterical] It's not fair. It's Funboy's fault. That boy was outta control. T-bird, he came in, said...
Skank: Waste them both! And now this ghost gonna kill my ass next!
[Top Dollar suddenly slaps him down]