The Captain
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The Captain (Character)
from The Crow: Salvation (2000)

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The Crow: Salvation (2000)
Alex Corvis (The Crow): The jolt - eight amps at two to three-thousand volts. It lasts a few seconds. The current surges and is turned off. And they check to see if the heart is still beating. If it is... Ba-Boom! Another jolt is applied. Experts say unconsciousness occurs before pain has time to register. They agree that electrocution does not hurt. But it does. Unimaginably... Believe me... I... don't expect a call from the governor. Any last words... Captain?
The Captain: Yeah, fuck you.
Alex Corvis (The Crow): Was that it?
The Captain: I'm not dying for your goddamn illusion, you got that? You think you and your girlfriend had some rosy future taken from you? Bullshit! She was already bored. Why do you think she was lookin' around? You're nothing, Corvis. Less than nothing! You can't do this to me, you little fucks! You hear me? You understand? I'll be back! Just like you! A big, fucking, shit-spewing bird! And guess which little bitch I'm taking out first!
Erin Randall: You are so dead.

The Captain: The dead can return given sufficent motivation.