Eric Draven
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Biography for
Eric Draven (Character)
from The Crow (1994)

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Eric Draven, the protagonist of The Crow, was murdered the night before his wedding along with Shelly Webster, his fiance. One year later from the night of his murder, Eric is brought back from the dead by supernatural forces, represented solely by a crow. He slowly regains his memories of what happened and who he once was, soon after deciding to take revenge on those who were involved in his and his fiance's murders. He cannot die, and has superhuman powers allowing him to be relatively stronger and faster than an average human. After killing the men who were involved in the murders, Eric goes after their leader known as Top Dollar. Whilst pursuing him in a church, Top Dollar's mistress attempts to kill the crow once discovering that it is the source of Eric's powers. Her eyes are subsequently pecked out, but in the process the bird is shot. Eric is no longer immortal. Soon after, there is a fight scene between Top Dollar and Eric who is victorious in the end. Afterward, he crawls to Shelly's grave and her angel descends, presumably to take him. He disappears, ending the film. Throughout the majority of the film, his face is painted all white with black lining his eyes and lips, sometimes referred to as "crow face" by fans. It is modeled after a theatrical mask depicting an expression of deep sorrow, which Eric found by Shelly's makeup in their old apartment when he returns after being resurrected.

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