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Luc Crash (Character)
from The Crow: Wicked Prayer (2005)

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The Crow: Wicked Prayer (2005)
Luc Crash: What's the difference between me and you, hm?
Jimmy Cuervo: I'm dead.

Luc Crash: Take your vengeance, baby.

Luc Crash: The Apocalypse is gonna be one hell of a honeymoon!

Luc Crash: What happens to an angel that loses his wings?
Lola Byrne: He falls.

Lola Byrne: Luc? Luc?
Luc Crash: Call me Lucifer.

Luc Crash: Sorry folks, I'd slice all your throats, but, I gotta get to the burial grounds.

Luc Crash: So God gave trash like you wings. He never gave me shit! Fucker!

Luc Crash: How are you at wedding speeches?
Jimmy Cuervo: I'm better at eulogies.

Luc Crash: We haven't seen the last of War, now, have we?
War: Only the dead have seen the last of War.