Captain Esteban
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Captain Esteban (Character)
from The Mark of Zorro (1940)

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Zorro: The Gay Blade (1981)
Esteban: A little clumsy, are you not, my friend?
Zorro: To be your friend I would have to be more than clumsy. I would have to be stupid.

Esteban: Is your blade as sharp as your tongue?
Zorro: Is yours as dull as your wit?

Don Diego: He is a mute.
Esteban: Bueno! Perhaps he can give lessons to my wife.

Esteban: You naughty, evil Alcalde! I'm going to do such terrible things to you!

Esteban: What commands priests to wear such strange clothing?
Bunny Wigglesworth: We are followers of Peter the Dressmaker. He was Christ's tailor.

Esteban: It is a beautiful day... for a Reign of *terror*!

Esteban: [threatening Charlotte Taylor Wilson with execution in order to lure and trap Zorro] Do you wish for a blindfold?
Charlotte Taylor Wilson: No. The eyes of freedom will always see through the blindfolds of tyranny. And the bonds of oppression will always be broken with muscles of liberty.

Esteban: [to Zorro] I know you will not kill an innocent man... or me either, for that matter.

Esteban: Say something like a sissy girl.
Don Diego: Something like a sissy girl...
Esteban: No... you know. Swing... your... hips.
[puts hands on hips]
Esteban: Make them sway and flap your wings.

Esteban: [to guards] Remember, he is cunning, he is crafty. He's not just going to walk in here and say 'Here I am!'
Zorro: Here I am!

Esteban: I have always depended on people being nicer than me, and I have never in my life been disappointed.

Esteban: [Referring to their annual lovemaking] Do you know that little thing we do one night every year?
Florinda: [Eagerly] Yes! Oh, yes!
Esteban: We still have three months to go!
Florinda: You beast!

The Mark of Zorro (1940)
Don Luis B. Quintero: My dear Esteban is forever thrusting at this and at that. He used to be a fencing instructor in Barcelona.
Don Diego Vega: How exhausting.
Captain Esteban Pasquale: I didn't find it so.
Don Diego Vega: Then why did you give it up?
Captain Esteban Pasquale: I had the misfortune to kill a man of influence.
Don Luis B. Quintero: A lady was involved, I believe.
Don Diego Vega: The gentleman's wife, no doubt?
Captain Esteban Pasquale: Just how did you mean that, Señor?
Don Diego Vega: I had hoped to be amusing... Have I failed?
Captain Esteban Pasquale: Somewhat. With me.

Captain Esteban Pasquale: Conditions have changed since you left, Don Diego. Your father resigned. Age, you know! Since then, the peons have become um... more industrious. As to the caballeros. they're encouraged to think of their own affairs. WE take care of the government!

Captain Esteban Pasquale: His Excellency will never forgive me if I let you go without a word of welcome from him. I'm quite sure that you'll save me a reprimand.
Don Diego Vega: How could I refuse a man anything with a naked sword in his hand?

Don Diego Vega: [Explaining why he's late to dinner] They heated the water from my bath too early. It was positively tepid! By the time more was carried and properly scented... Life can be trying, don't you think?
Don Luis B. Quintero: Yes.
Lolita Quintero: [Disappointed in Diego] Oh, Maria!
Maria de Lopez: Courage, courage!
Don Luis B. Quintero: Well, shall we dine? Come, Diego.
Captain Esteban Pasquale: [to Inez] His bath was tepid? Poor Lolita! I'm afraid her married life will be the same!

Don Diego Vega: [as Esteban repeatedly stabs a piece of fruit with a knife at the dinner table] Captain, you seem to regard that fruit as an enemy.
Captain Esteban Pasquale: A rival!

Don Diego Vega: I must please ask you to change the subject. His Excellency objects to talk of throat-cutting.
Captain Esteban Pasquale: Quiet, you Popinjay! I have no reason to letting you live either.
Don Diego Vega: What a pleasant coincidence. I feel exactly the same way about you Capitan.
Captain Esteban Pasquale: You wouldn't care to translate that feeling into action would you?
Don Diego Vega: I might be tempted. If I had a weapon.
Captain Esteban Pasquale: Would you.

The Mark of Zorro (1974) (TV)
Captain Esteban: I trust you find this room more to you're liking?
Don Diego/Zorro: Well this room is already stained in blood... a little more won't make any diffrence

Captain Esteban: I see you're dressed for a funeral
Don Diego/Zorro: On the contary... the funeral shall be yours

Captain Esteban: [as Zorro complaments his move] I learned it on the battlefield.

Captain Esteban: [as Zorro is unmasked] So... inside the peacock... we find a hawk.