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Rachel Berenson (Character)
from "Animorphs" (1998)

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"Animorphs: Underground (#1.3)" (1998)
Cassie: Jake, I'm really sorry about your brother.
Jake Berenson: I'm gonna set him free no matter what it takes. When we do, I'm gonna take that Yeerk inside of his head and squash it like a bug.
Tobias: At least now we know that the Yeerks need some sort of booster treatment every three days.
Rachel Berenson: And we know a way into this pool, whatever that is.
Marco: Yeah, you'd think that Elfangor would've given us an instruction manual or something.
Rachel Berenson: You mean before or after he went toe-to-toe with Visser Three?

"Animorphs: My Name Is Jake (#1.1)" (1998)
Prince Elfangor: I am Elfangor, of the Andalite world. I've come...
Cassie: Jake, give me your shirt. He's wounded.
Prince Elfangor: There's nothing you can do for me.
Rachel Berenson: It's gonna be okay. Cassie knows a lot about animals.
Marco: Way to insult the guy, Rach.
Prince Elfangor: The wound is fatal. I will die. But there will be others.
Jake Berenson: Others?
Prince Elfangor: Unlike me, they have come to destroy you.