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Quotes for
Jack (Character)
from The Junkman (1982)

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The Junkman (1982)
Susan Clark: We go down about a mile, there's a side road that cuts through the hills - that'll take us to a Union Road, then it's straight to US101. That way, we can miss all this traffic.
Jack: Another Susan Clark Special Shortcut.
Susan Clark: Listen, this time I have a map.
Jack: Oh, got a map!
Bruce: Oh great, last time she only had a hunch.

Jack: Real nice, uh, shortcut, Susan. I like the cows. I especially like the bumps.
Susan Clark: Now, Jack, how was I supposed to know this road was going to be bumpy?
Jack: A big-time newswoman like Barbara Walters, now she would have known. She wouldn't take us on a bumpy road like this.
Susan Clark: Yeah, well Barbara Walters wouldn't be working with you two.
[Bruce and Jack groan mockingly]
Susan Clark: Yeah, all right.

Jack: The story here in the "Herald Examiner" says that Harlan was a nice guy.
Bruce: Hmph, well I guess you can't believe everything you read nowdays!
Harlan Hollis: Thanks, guys.

[Harlan running late for premiere]
Susan Clark: Maybe something's happened to him.
Jack: Hey, don't even think that! He's wearing my suit, all right?