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Eugene Chase (Character)
from Gone in 60 Seconds (1974)

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Gone in 60 Seconds (1974)
Pumpkin Chase: Maindrian, we have to give Eleanor back.
Maindrian Pace: What are you talking about? The contract's filled!
Pumpkin Chase: [handing him newspaper] She's not insured. Here, look for yourself.
Maindrian Pace: You gotta be kidding me..."Owner desperate. '73 Ford Mustang stolen from 18511 Mariposa, Gardena. Not insured. Please return, no questions." Pumpkin, I'm tired. I'm not Superman. Look at that, that contract is filled!
Pumpkin Chase: Maindrian...
[Eugene bursts in]
Eugene Chase: Damn you, Pace! Where's that El Dorado?
Maindrian Pace: It's gone, Eugene.
Eugene Chase: What did you do with it, you sonova bitch?
Maindrian Pace: I burned it.
Eugene Chase: [shouts] You burned a million dollars worth of heroin?
[tries to punch him, but Maindrian throws him over chair]
Maindrian Pace: [to Pumpkin] I'm going to give Eleanor back, but only because of one reason. I know where there's another at the International Towers in Long Beach.
[storms out]
Maindrian Pace: [shouts] And then I'm cleaned up!
Pumpkin Chase: Maindrian!
[door slams]

Eugene Chase: [on phone] I need to speak with Sergeant Hawkins.
Hawkins: Hawkins.
Eugene Chase: You want to catch that car-theft ring that's been bothering you? Well put a stakeout at the International Towers in Long Beach!
Hawkins: Who is this?
[Eugene hangs up]
Eugene Chase: I'll fix you, Mr. Big-Shot.