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Quotes for
Larry Bergleman (Character)
from The Junkman (1982)

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The Junkman (1982)
Larry Bergleman: It's 6:30! Where the hell have you been? Let me show you something. You see this? This is a newspaper. It takes a long time to print a newspaper, but they can do it faster than this crew can give me stories!
Susan Clark: It's been...
Larry Bergleman: -a long day, I know. And what the hell happened to the car?

Larry Bergleman: [crouched under Susan's newsdesk] Yesterday, you told me you had a dynamite story. Little did I realize that Richard Hill and Michael fox would nearly be blown to bits. Now you know something about this, don't you?
Susan Clark: Larry, I'd check my sources, but you'd never believe me.
Larry Bergleman: Yeah, okay. And I don't believe I'm doing this either.
Susan Clark: Doing what?
Larry Bergleman: Giving you this file from research. It's on recreational planes. You're on your own from here.
Susan Clark: How can I ever thank you?
Larry Bergleman: [lams the file onto the desk] Just don't do anything dumb.
Susan Clark: [Susan takes Larry's hand and her hand and folds them together] Stay tuned for more news on your Independent Network News station.