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Quotes for
Cody Nicholson (Character)
from True Romance (1993)

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True Romance (1993)
Nicholson: You're an actor. Act, motherfucker.

Nicholson: Man, this boy Clarence is a wild one, I like'em.

Nicholson: You just made it big time.
Nicky Dimes: You're no longer an extra...
Nicholson: ...or a bit player...
Nicky Dimes: ...or a supporting actor...
Nicholson:'re a fucking star. You are a fucking star. And you are going to be playing your one-man show for the next two fucking years for a captive audience. And listen to this, you get out in a few years and meet some old lady, get married, and you'll be so understanding to your wife's needs because you'll know what it feels like to be a woman.
Nicky Dimes: Of course, you'll only want to fuck her in the ass because that pussy wont be tight enough anymore.
Nicholson: Good one detective, right you fucking faggot?