Amy Archer
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Amy Archer (Character)
from The Hudsucker Proxy (1994)

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The Hudsucker Proxy (1994)
Amy Archer: Norville Barnes, you don't know a thing about that woman. You don't know who she really is. Only a numbskull thinks he knows things about things he knows nothing about.

Amy Archer: Finally there would be a thingamajig that would bring everyone together, even if it kept them apart spatially.

Amy Archer: This is a face only a mother could love. On pay day.

Amy Archer: I used to think you were a swell guy. Well, to be honest, I thought you were an imbecile. But then I figured out you WERE a swell guy... A little slow, maybe, but a swell guy. Well, maybe you're not so slow, But you're not so swell either. And it looks like you're an imbecile after all!

Amy Archer: Is this guy from Chumpsville or what? Ha! I even pulled the old mother routine.
Smitty, Argus Reporter: Adenoids.
Amy Archer: Lumbago.
Smitty, Argus Reporter: [whistles] That gag's got whiskers on it!

[singing the Muncie school fight song]
Norville, Amy Archer: Fight on, fight on, dear old Muncie/Fight on, hoist the gold and blue/You'll be tattered, torn, and hurtin'/Once the Munce is done with you/Go... Eagles!

Norville: Cigarette?
Amy Archer: No, thank you.

Amy Archer: The guy's a real moron.

Amy Archer: I've been watching you Norville Barnes, even though you're trying to avoid me.
Norville: Amy, you don't...
Amy Archer: Shut up! And don't think I hadn't noticed how you'd changed.

Amy Archer: [to Norville] Shut up! After all, you haven't talked to me for a week and now I'm going to say my piece. Look, I've never been dumped by a fellow before, and that hurts. But what really hurts is watching you uproot your soul, chasing after money and ease of the respect of a board who wouldn't give you the time of day if you, if you, if you...
Man: Work in a watch factory.
Amy Archer: Shut up! Exactly!

Ancient Puzzler: What's a six letter word for a condition of the hypothalamus?
Amy Archer: Goiter

Amy Archer: You told me you were going to bring a smile to the HIPS of everyone in America.