Norville Barnes
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Norville Barnes (Character)
from The Hudsucker Proxy (1994)

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The Hudsucker Proxy (1994)
Norville: You know, for kids.

[Norville is putting mail into boxes]
Norville: What do you do if the envelope is too big for the slot?
Ancient Sorter: Well, if you fold 'em, they fire you. I usually throw 'em out.

Norville: Look who's here. Amy Archer, Prize-itzer Pule winner.

Norville: You're a MUNCIE girl?

[singing the Muncie school fight song]
Norville, Amy Archer: Fight on, fight on, dear old Muncie/Fight on, hoist the gold and blue/You'll be tattered, torn, and hurtin'/Once the Munce is done with you/Go... Eagles!

Norville: I just got hired today.
Ancient Sorter: Hmm-mmm.
Norville: You know, entry level.
Ancient Sorter: Tell me about it.
Norville: But I got big ideas.

Norville: [to Sidney] Sir, my leg is on fire!

Norville: Cigarette?
Amy Archer: No, thank you.

Norville: Yes siree... This is my ticket up upstairs.

Norville: [to Amy] Now let me ask you a question: Would an imbecile come up with this?
[shows Amy a picture of a circle]

Norville: [to Amy] Say Amy, how about you and I grab a little dinner and a show after work. i was thinking maybe 'The King And I'.
[Amy slaps him]
Norville: How about 'Oklahoma'?

Norville: It's fun, it's healthy, it's good exercise. The kids will just love it. and we put a little sand inside to make the experience more pleasant.

Reporter: Did you have any idea it would be such a huge response?
Norville: Well frankly, I don't think anybody expected this much hoopla.

Reporter: Did they consider you an idea man when they promoted you from the mailroom?
Norville: Well I guess so. I don't think they promoted me because i'm a shmo.

Amy Archer: I've been watching you Norville Barnes, even though you're trying to avoid me.
Norville: Amy, you don't...
Amy Archer: Shut up! And don't think I hadn't noticed how you'd changed.

Norville: A smooth talking heel.

Buzz: What's your pleasure, buddy?
Norville: Forty-four.
Buzz: Forty-four! Top brass floor... Say, buddy, what takes fifty years to get up to the top floor, and thirty seconds to get down? Waring Hudsucker! Ya get it, buddy? Say, buddy...
[elevator doors open, people enter]
Buzz: Mr. Klein up to nine, Mrs. Dell, Personnel, Mr. Levin, thirty-seven.
Mr. Levin: [correcting him] Thirty-six.
Buzz: [a heavyset man approaches the elevator] Ladies and gentlemen, please step to the rear. Here comes the gargantuan Mr. Grier.
Mr. Grier: Buzz.
Buzz: Say, buddy! Who is the most liquid businessman on the street? Waring Hudsucker! Say, buddy, when is the sidewalk fully dressed? When it's Waring Hudsucker!
[laughs, but no one else does]
Buzz: Ya get it, buddy? It's a pun, it's knee slapper, it's a play on Jesus, Joseph and Mary... is that a blue letter? Cripes-amighty, why didn't ya tell a guy? Hold on, folks, we're express to the top floor!