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Grandma Florence Norris (Character)
from Mars Attacks! (1996)

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Mars Attacks! (1996)
Richie Norris: I bet you're psyched about the Martians coming Grandma? I mean, you've seen a lot of crazy stuff already. Everyone must have been real scared when they invented the train!
Grandma Florence Norris: Come on kid I'm not that old!

Grandma Florence Norris: Richie, I think these guys are very sick.

Grandma Florence Norris: They blew up Congress! Ha ha ha ha!

Grandma Florence Norris: [as Taffy is giving her the Medal of Honor] Thank you, honey. But don't you dare let anything like this happen again.

Grandma Florence Norris: [after a Martian's head explodes] I think it must be my music!

Billy Glenn Norris: Bye bye, Grandma.
Grandma Florence Norris: Goodbye, Thomas.
Billy Glenn Norris: It's Billy Glenn, Grandma.
Grandma Florence Norris: I know, Thomas.