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Quotes for
Richie Norris (Character)
from Mars Attacks! (1996)

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Mars Attacks! (1996)
Richie Norris: I want to thank my Grandma for always being so good to me, and, and for helping save the world and everything.

Richie Norris: Wow, he just made the international sign of the doughnut.

Richie Norris: I bet you're psyched about the Martians coming Grandma? I mean, you've seen a lot of crazy stuff already. Everyone must have been real scared when they invented the train!
Grandma Florence Norris: Come on kid I'm not that old!

Richie Norris: Should I go get Grandma?
Richie's Dad: Oh forget Grandma! She's halfway into space already!

[last lines]
Richie Norris: Is that OK?
Taffy Dale: Yea. Do you got a girlfriend?
Richie Norris: No.

Richie Norris: [after watching the Martians kill Congress on TV] Why did they do that?
Hispanic woman at donut shop: Maybe they no liking the human being.