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Wind In His Hair (Character)
from Dances with Wolves (1990)

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Dances with Wolves (1990)
Kicking Bird: [in Lakota; addressing the village council] He may be a special man or even a god. I ask that Chief Ten Bears give us permission to talk with him.
[murmurs around the council as Wind in his Hair rises to speak]
Wind In His Hair: [in Lakota; subtitled] I do not care for this talk about a white man at the soldier fort. Whoever he is he is not a Sioux and that makes him less. We took more then a hundred horses from these people and there was no honor in it. They don't ride well. They don't shoot well. They're dirty. Those so-called "soldiers" could not make it through one winter in our country. And all these people are said to flourish? I think they will all be dead soon... maybe in ten years.
[murmurs circulate around the council]
Wind In His Hair: [in Lakota] I think this fool is probally lost.
[the councel laughs as Wind In His Hair sits back down and Kicking Bird raises his right hand as a call for silence]
Kicking Bird: [in Lakota; subtitled] Wind In His Hair has spoken and his words are strong. It is true that the whites are a poor race and it is hard to understand them. But make no mistake, the whites are coming. Even our enemies agree on this. But when I see one white man alone and without fear in our country, I do not think he is lost. I think he may have medicine. I think this is a man who will speak for all white people. I think this is a man from which treaties may be struck.
[the council murmurs and nods in agreement until Wind In His Hair rises to speak again]
Wind In His Hair: [in Lakota; subtitled] Kicking Bird is always looking ahead and while that is good, he doesn't know this lone white man. This white man cannot hunt, cover our lodges, or feed our children. He is nothing to us! I will take some warriors with me and we will shoot some arrows into the white man. If he truly has medicine, he will not be hurt. If he has no medicine, he will be dead.
[more murmurs are heard as Wind In His Hair sits back down and Stone Calf rises to speak]
Stone Calf: [in Lakota; subtitled] No man on the council can tell another man what to do. But killing a white man is a delicate business. If you kill one, more are sure to come.
Ten Bears: [in Lakota; subtitled] It's easy to become confused by these questions. Before we take action we need to talk about this some more at another time. That is all I have to say. This council is dismissed.

Wind In His Hair: [in Lakota; subtitled] Dances with Wolves! I am Wind In His Hair. Do you see that I am your friend? Can you see that you will always be my friend?

John Dunbar: [at the celebration of the buffalo feast, noticing a big Sioux man has his Lieutenant's hat] That's my hat... that's my hat!
Big Warrior: [in Lakota, as all becomes quiet in the tent] I found it on the prarie. It's mine.
Wind In His Hair: [stands up, in Lakota] The hat belongs to Lieutenant.
Big Warrior: He left it on the prarie. He didn't want it.
Wind In His Hair: Well, you can see he wants it now. We all know it's a soldier hat. We all know who wears it. If you want to keep it, that's fine. But give something for it.
[the Sioux takes his knife and sheath off his belt and gives it to Dunbar]
Wind In His Hair: [in English, to Dunbar] Good... trade!

Wind In His Hair: [watching Dunbar dance around like a buffalo] His mind is gone!