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Quotes for
Toughest Pawnee (Character)
from Dances with Wolves (1990)

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Dances with Wolves (1990)
Toughest Pawnee: [speaking Pawnee; subtitled] Only a white man would make a fire for everyone to see.
Pawnee #1: [in Pawnee] Maybe there's more than one.
Pawnee #2: [in Pawnee] There may be three or four.
Toughest Pawnee: [in Pawnee] I know three or four who will not be making the trip home.

Pawnee #1: [speaking Pawnee; subtitled] We have nothing to show for this trail.
Pawnee #2: [in Pawnee] We have no rifles. White men are sure to have rifles!
Pawnee #3: [in Pawnee] If they don't have rifles, it's hard to say how many might be down there. We should forget this and go home.
Toughest Pawnee: [in Pawnee] Then go. I would rather die than argue to any white man about a single line of smoke in my own country!
[the Toughest Pawnee rides off into the direction of the smoke]
Pawnee #1: [in Pawnee] He will not quit until we are all dead.