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Aces & Spades Bartender (Character)
from The Island (2005)

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The Island (2005)
[Lincoln Six Echo and Jordan Two Delta are asking a bartender where to find McCord]
Aces & Spades Bartender: Well, it's your lucky day, Captain Kirk. He's in the can.
Lincoln Six-Echo: He's in a can?
Aces & Spades Bartender: Takin' a dump.
Lincoln Six-Echo: A dump? Taking it where?
Aces & Spades Bartender: Tell you what, Bubba, you're fixing to get on my nerves. First door on the right.
Lincoln Six-Echo: Thank you.
[Lincoln Six Echo turns to Jordan Two Delta]
Lincoln Six-Echo: I have to go. He's taking a dump in a can!

Aces & Spades Bartender: [to Jordan Two Delta] Something to drink? Jack?
Jordan Two-Delta: Yes, please.
Aces & Spades Bartender: Straight up?
[Jordan looks up at the ceiling]