Albert Laurent
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Albert Laurent (Character)
from The Island (2005)

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The Island (2005)
Albert Laurent: You've been witness to certain trade secrets.
Lincoln Six-Echo: [knowingly] You mean that they manufacture human beings who walk, talk... and feel? That kind of secret?
Albert Laurent: [catching on] Have you talked with anyone else about this?
Lincoln Six-Echo: Who would believe it?
Albert Laurent: Can I count on that?
Lincoln Six-Echo: The only thing you can count on is that people will do anything to survive. I just want to live. I don't care how.

Albert Laurent: Did you know my father was part of the Burkinabé rebellion? When he was killed, my brothers and I were branded, so everyone would know we were less than human.
[he holds up his hand to show Merrick]
Albert Laurent: I've seen and done things I'm not proud of, but at some point you realize, war... Is a business. So, when did killing become a business for you?
Merrick: Oh, no. It's so much more than that. I have discovered the Holy Grail of science. I give life. The agnates, they're simply tools, instruments. They have no souls. The possibilities are endless here. In two years' time, I will be able to cure children's leukemia. How many people on Earth can say that, Mr. Laurent?
Albert Laurent: [smiles] I guess just you and God. That's the answer you're looking for, isn't it?