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Quotes for
Sonny (Character)
from Grease (1978)

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Grease (1978)
Sonny: Geez! Every teacher I got this year has flunked me at least once!
Doody: Yeah and if you don't watch it, you're gonna be spending all your time in McGee's office
Sonny: Yeah well this year she's gonna wish she's never seen me
Doody: Oh yeah? and what are you gonna do?
Sonny: I just ain't gonna take any of her crap that's all. I don't take no crap from nobody
Principal McGee: Sonny?
Sonny: Oh, Hello ma'am
Principal McGee: Aren't you suppose to be in homeroom right now?
Sonny: I was just going for a walk
Principal McGee: You were just dawdling weren't you?
Sonny: Yes ma'am
Principal McGee: That is no way to start a new semester Mr. LaTierre
Sonny: Va fa napoli, tutte puttana
Principal McGee: Perhaps a session of banging erasers after school would put you on the right track?
Sonny: Yes ma'am
Principal McGee: Are you just going to stand there all day?
Sonny: Uh no ma'am, I mean yes ma'am, I mean I'm just um...
Principal McGee: Well which is it, yes or no?
Sonny: No ma'am
Principal McGee: Good! Then MOVE!
Sonny: Yes Ma'am
Danny: I'm sure glad you didn't take any of her crap Sonny, you would of really told her off huh?

Sonny: [after Marty tells Sonny Riz is pregnant, Sonny spreads the news to others] Rizzo got a bun in the oven.

Mr. Lynch: [Sonny spikes the punch, teacher chaperone turns to watch Sonny] What are you doing?
Sonny: Washing my hands.

Sonny: When a guy picks a chick over his buddies, something's gotta be wrong. Come on, guys let's go for some pizza.

Doody: The problem's in this rubber band engine.
Kenickie: The problem's in your mouth.
Sonny: Kenickie, got any Scotch tape?

Sonny: I'm not taking any of her crap, that's all, I'll take no crap from nobody.

Blanche: When I hear music, I just can't make my feet behave.
Sonny: Thinks she's Tinkerbell.
Blanche: Hush, Sonny.

Rizzo: Ok, so what do you guys think this is a gang bang?
Sonny: Yeah, you wish.

Danny: You know, if we fix up this car, it could be make-out city, you know that.
Sonny: Right, the chick is gonna have to put out before she even gets in.

[the T-Birds have just pulled into the driveway of Frenchy's house, where the girls are having a slumber party]
Sonny: Hey Putzie, why don't you call her?
[Putzie looks unsure, then leans forward, gesturing dramatically]
Putzie: Oh, Sandy. Wherefore art thou, Sandy?

Principal McGee: I think we all owe a round of applause for Patty Simcox and Eugene Felsnick and committee for their beautiful decorations.
Sonny: Let's hear it for the toilet paper!
Principal McGee: In just a few moments the entire nation will be watching Rydell High, God help us, and I want you to all be on your best behavior.

Danny: Hey guys, look!
Kenickie: Ladies and gentlemen! Dingleberries On Parade!
Sonny: Yeah
[football player gets his foot stuck in his helmet]
Doody: Hey, look! You really put your foot into it this time, Chisum!
Putzie: Yeah, try hopscotch, you hot dog!
Sonny: [laughter] What a gavone! Gumdrops, man.

Danny: Well you know, these girls are only good for one thing.
Sonny: Yeah, what are you suppose to do with them the rest of the 23 hours and 45 minutes of the day?
Putzie: [With a serious but confused face] Is that all it takes 15 minutes?
[the guys slap him on the head]

Jan: I've been dieting all day! My mom's apple pie is better than this stuff! do you want some?
Putzie: SURE!
[They start heading out when Sonny stops him]
Sonny: Hey Putzie... 15 minutes!
[He starts laughing and Putzie leaves]